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    Default Fake Omega watch?


    I bought this watch in flea market. I have no big understanding about watches (my hobby is antique clocks) so would like to get opinion from experts about this so called "Omega" watch. Is it fake or could be original ?

    Best regards
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    Default Re: Fake Omega watch? (By: gintarasb64)

    Hi Gintaras,

    Well, the movement is a very basic pin pallet design, which Omega never made to the best of my knowledge, so this is certainly not an Omega. Whether it was made to deceive or not is debatable.



    "Ut tensio, sic vis" - Robert Hooke

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    Default Re: Fake Omega watch? (By: gmorse)

    About the only thing that could be original, is the dial. Nothing else looks like Omega. The movement looks to be a BFG. The case is in bad shape.
    Pin pallet movements were made quite well in Switzerland. Swiss regulation basically decreed that watch factories could make swiss lever or pin pallet movements but not both. BFG became the biggest manufacturer of movements by the mid seventies and offered fully jewelled watches. Oris actually gained chronometer certification in ther 1950's.

    As an apprentice I regularly serviced Oris and BFG movements.

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    Default Re: Fake Omega watch? (By: roughbarked)

    It is a fake. During the 70's a lot of fake Omegas were made.

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    Default Re: Fake Omega watch? (By: Dr. Jon)

    Sad to say.. It looks fake to me..

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