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    Question Watchmaker recommendation, Lady Elgin watch

    I have a Lady Elgin watch that needs some TLC, movement grade 619, 1945 manufacture year. It needs a new crystal and cleaning/adjustment/timing. Can you recommend a watchmaker whose specialty includes this watch? Someone good and trustworthy preferred, in the Los Angeles area an added bonus but not mandatory. Thank you for your help!

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    Default Re: Watchmaker recommendation, Lady Elgin watch (By: melr)

    Jorge Montoya does nice work. He's worked on a few watches for me, large and small, and I've been happy. He's an NAWCC and AWCI member, belonging to multiple chapters, and does a lot of work for members. His contact information is on the right side of the web page, towards the bottom.

    Note: I don't know of anyone who actually specializes in the model in question. And I truly doubt that anyone does, as there wouldn't be enough work for them to survive as a business. in most cases, watch-work is watch-work to a watchmaker. Cheers.


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