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    Cool Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch

    Hello everyone!

    I have this antique Tiffany pocket watch, and I can't find anything like it anywhere for comparison purposes. Does anyone have any ideas? Here's what I know:

    It's triple signed
    18 carat gold
    has jewels - not sure how many
    has a hunter case
    I believe it's from around the turn of the century, but not positive exactly of the date
    I'm sure there are other unique factors of it that I just don't know how to describe, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Watch 3.jpg 
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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tiffany Pocket Watch 2.jpg 
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Name:	Tiffany Pocket Watch1.jpg 
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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch

    Hi,Hazel,and wellcome to this message board.Your pics show an european-correctly swiss-good quality movement in a gold full hunter case.The movement is stem wind and stem set,and the jewel count is-provided that the movement follows the standard rules of construction- at least 19.Other members possibly will id the maker per the layout of the movement,I´d guess the watch was made between the wars and retailed by Tiffany´s.
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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch

    Hi Hazel. Just so you know, I generally start out skeptical of attribution if I see anything that looks different on such a watch.

    Can you provide an image of the case markings? While it may be the lighting or camera, the gold has a curious non-luster to my eye. And the bow (loop) looks like it may be gold-filled. I'm not an expert on Swiss watches, but I see some characteristics that seem a bit non-Tiffany to me. The bow, the non-lustrous gold (again may be the lighting), the HUGE "Made in Switzerland" engraving and the screwed-on "Tiffany" plate on the barrel bridge seem outside of Tiffany's usual treatments. I have seen watches from other retailers that used that marked plate, but not Tiffany. Of course that I haven't seen it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    The movement does look like like a very nice one. Maybe it's even a Patek or Vacheron, which would be great for you as a collector or investor. But it looks like it might be made by another quality Swiss maker. I base this on the fact that I haven't seen a Patek or Vacheron with the style of regulator used on your movement. It's very Nardin or perhaps Le Coultre? Good luck finding out something more definitive on the maker. Sometimes the Swiss movements can be tough to ID. Cheers.
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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch

    Wow - you guys are the best!

    One detail I forgot to mention is the serial number, which is both on the case and on the movement - in case you can't see it, it's 71663.

    On the condition of the case, I think it could probably do with a good polishing - not sure if that would affect the look, though.

    So here's more pictures - Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Back.jpg 
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Name:	Front.jpg 
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Name:	Signed Cover.jpg 
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    Here's another view of the movement ;
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Movement Closeup.jpg 
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ID:	340270
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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: hazel1014)

    The dial signature is from the late 1920's - 1940. The movement is a Swiss product, not sure who... Higher grade, I would say most likly 20-21 jewels, depending if the main wheel is jeweled on the fish side.. a nice
    Tiffany watch in a Tiffany gold case..

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: John Pavlik)

    The marking on the inside (back) case cover that I can see in your latest photos clearly shows the Tiffany & Co signature, and the 18K assay mark and the serial number. Those same marks should appear on the insides of all three covers, and that would authenticate the case as original, and genuine. Hazel, I would advise you against polishing the case - you could clean it gently with a soft cloth using a tiny amount of soap and warm water, but no more, and before doing that you would need to remove the movement from the case. Removing the movement is not too difficult, but not something you should not try if you are a complete novice Better to leave the case alone, then if you need to have the watch serviced you could get the repairer to clean the case!

    I have never seen that style of Tiffany signature on the dial, but John has identified it nicely and given you a date range.

    Nor have I seen that style of split main/winding wheel bridge - that is the two plates at the bottom left of your last photo, shaped like a leg and a foot. Could this be one of Tiffany's "own" made watches, from the brief period when they set up their own watchmaking company in Switzerland? Certainly the serial number seems very low to me for such a late watch. I know that someone on this site has a record of serial numbers for Tiffany, and may be able to help.

    If all else fails, you can email Tiffany in New York (where they have their museum) and ask them to identify and date the watch for you. A few off your photos will help.

    Finally, I know that over the years Antiquorum have been one of the go-to auctioneers for Tiffany watches, and they have a searchable archive on-line.
    Martin Rosen

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: MartyR)

    I believe the movement was made by " Ed Koehn " for Tiffany .
    A very fine watch you have . High quality

    H Sandstrom

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: hakonrs)

    Thank you all so so much for the excellent information - before I knew nothing, and now I know something!

    Marty - good suggestion about contacting Tiffany - I already did that and they indicated that they could only provide limited information for insurance purposes, and they also sent a list of antique watch experts, so hopefully I can get more information that way. Also, the Antiquorom lead is spot-on - really good site!
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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: hazel1014)

    I agree with Hakonrs. It dates to about 1890. That dial font signature was used on their better watches and usually reserved for Patek Philippe and Ed Koehn. The plate layout is usually Koehn. It is not quite top grade but very, very fine.

    It probably has 20 jewels. The lower center is probably not jeweled.

    Tiffany had a fire and lost the records so they are unlikely to have any information.

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: Dr. Jon)

    The new images would confirm to my skeptical eye that the watch is indeed a Tiffany. Somehow the gold even looks a better tone to me in the new images. I have seen that dial logo before, but not as often as other styles. It's nice that others here with more expertise provided good information. As far as the bow goes, I'd guess that it's a replacement, as I don't think that Tiffany would use a gold-filled bow. But again, I'm not an expert here. The style of bow is certainly correct for the case style.

    Congratulations on having a fine antique time-piece, and from one of the top names in the jewelry business.

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: MrRoundel)

    One thing more don't do much if any polishing on the case. A light go over with a jeweler's cloth at the maximum.

    I see not hallmarks on the case so it was probably made in Tiffany's shop in the US.

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: Dr. Jon)

    Thanks so much, everyone -

    One thing more, which I did not mention earlier, and then I'm off to my next forum-the American Pocket Watch for the Waltham I have - the Tiffany runs like a top! We haven't really wound it up too much for fear of harming it, but it's so gratifying to know it still works - unlike the Waltham, unfortunately!

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    Default Re: Antique Tiffany Pocket Watch (By: hazel1014)

    No doubt, the movement was from Koehn, very high grade movement which is even as good as Patek. Koehn worked for Patek for a very long period of time and then he purchased an other high grade brand: H R Ekergen and produced its product as Koehn. Koehn delivered a lot of top grade movements to Tiffany and uses such interesting label on the dial. Cong!

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