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    Default Rockford Watch Repair question

    I live in Byron, IL and was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable repairman/shop that I can send my watch to. The two issues with my watch. The first is that it runs very slow (loses around 5 minutes per day or so). The second issue is that I just broke the crystal. The bezel and case are fine, but it just tapped the crystal hard enough to break it (the watch was running slow since way before I broke the crystal). This is a 16S watch. Thanks in advance for any advice you guys may have.

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    Default Re: Rockford Watch Repair question (By: lopab23)

    While I can't recommend a repair person, perhaps I can provide information you can give to a repair person when you find one.

    Based on the serial number, your watch appears to be the following:

    Also, according to the "Swigart Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements" catalog, it uses a Rockford 451 spring:

    Allow mainsprings can be found here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw...pring&_sacat=0

    I hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Rockford Watch Repair question (By: lopab23)

    You can use this link to find a watchmaker: https://members.awci.com/AWCIWEB/AWC...berSearch.aspx

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    Default Re: Rockford Watch Repair question (By: Samantha)

    Your watch looks like it is pretty good shape and probably just needs a good cleaning, main spring (the old one is probably set) and, of course, the crystal. Try and find a watchmaker that works, or preferably specializes, in pocket watches similar to yours. The watchmaker should also be able to clean up the dial so that the hairlines are less noticeable. Good Luck.
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