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    Default Mauthe "Buffet Clock" that i would love to get working....but how?

    I just purchased this buffet/mantel clock and am in love with the lines and beauty of it. I would love to try to get it working. I have the key and the "chiming/striking thingy" is there but I am not sure how to make it work. there are 3 hole and I have tried to do as much research as I can but I can only fine limited info on the company itself and a little more info. I do not what to ruin it and am afraid of over tightening/screwing things etc.... Any help would be lovely and so appreciated.Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Mauthe "Buffet Clock" that i would love to get working....but how?

    Welcome to the board.

    The three winding holes indicate that this clock plays a chime, most likely Westminster. The key is for winding the three arbors. You don't say whether you have wound the clock, but that would be a good start. Wind all three arbors. In your photo the clock is pointing at about 10 minutes to 5, so move the minute hand slowly over to a fraction past the 12 and the clock strike/chime mechanism should start playing. Then you will know whether that part is working.

    I am presuming that this clock has a pendulum, although you don't show that part of the clock. Attach the pendulum bob to the hook and gently set it swinging. You should hear a good, steady tick-tock, even in both directions. If the beat is not even, then we can give you help to set it in beat. If you can post some more photos of the clock's movement we can establish what kind of movement you have - pendulum or floating balance.

    If you want to set the clock to the correct time, move the minute hand in a clockwise direction, pausing and allowing the clock to chime at each quarter and strike at the hour.

    If you can do that and let us know whether you are successful, we can give further help if necessary.

    You asked about the company Mauthe. Friedrich Mauthe was one of the larger German clock manufacturers, making thousands and thousands of clocks of all sorts and sizes. They were founded in 1844 and finally went out of business in 1975.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Mauthe "Buffet Clock" that i would love to get working....but how? (By: JTD)

    Ah, so you bought that Mauthe! If it's the one off of eBay, I was one of the watchers. I just finished overhauling a W500 about a month ago. They're quite nice to work on. JTD, this is a floating balance clock.

    66 Karmann Ghia, huh? Sweet, sweet car. Pardon me while I envy...

    If you know what you're doing and are looking to overhaul it yourself, this is one of the easier ones to synchronize. The wheel train on the back allows you to easily get the Westminster chimes set to the ready state - it's a pretty savvy design. If you don't know what you're doing, a Westminster movement has a LOT of parts. I'd strongly recommend letting someone work on it who knows how. Please, please don't try just lubricating it and making it run. That's the quickest way there is to grind up a movement. And for heaven's sake keep the WD-40 away from it, ok?

    The one I worked on didn't run at all because it was quite dirty. These have nice, heavy plates, and it didn't require any bushings at all. The pivots were all mirror finished except for a couple that had more scuffs than scores; those polished with minimal effort. An overnight hexane soak of the balance platform got all the grunge out of the jewels. It ran really, really well. The pitch of the chimes was very different from the rest of the Westminster clocks I have running here, and it sang out over them all. My wife wanted to arm-wrestle the owner for it!

    There really is almost no information that I could find on the company and its products. I've had an eBay search going since I worked on the one that got away, and will own one at some point. Good score there!

    Good luck with it!


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    Default Re: Mauthe "Buffet Clock" that i would love to get working....but how? (By: glenhead)

    Ah! I thought it might be a floating balance but wasn't sure. Pros and cons......quite apart from the complexity of a Westminster movement for a newbie, I don't think floating balances are always the easiest things either. But I know some people like them. Each to his own! It looks a nice clock and you are right about the tone of the gong rods, they are very fine.

    As for the firm Mauthe, there is a great deal written about them in Hans-Heinrich Schmid's 'Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie' but of course in German language. If you say what things in particular it is you would like to know, I am glad to translate some of it for you.


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    Default Re: Mauthe "Buffet Clock" that i would love to get working....but how? (By: JTD)

    I'll move this over to the repair forum for more input.
    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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    Default Re: Mauthe "Buffet Clock" that i would love to get working....but how?

    See Chime Clock Basics for some help
    1. Check out the Repair Hints & How-To's forum. You may find your answer there.

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