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Thread: Hayden Wheeler

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    Default Hayden Wheeler

    Hayden Wheeler Sn 75,928 - 17J double sunk unmarked dial - most H W W Co Maiden Lane in JR Wood & Sons New York marked 20 yr YGF case that looks original. Any thoughts ?
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    Default Re: Hayden Wheeler


    What is your specific question?

    The case is a what ever you wanted jeweler case?

    The unmarked dial is very common for H.W. W watches.

    Howard Lasser has about 5 Bulletin articles on Hayden Wheeler watches on the main site thru the Library resources

    I have about 38 of them because I am a Hamilton collector, and he is the only Private Label that Hamilton made a Grade for.

    Some of the higher volume Private Labels had special DMK, but H.W. W was the only one that they designed a Grade for.
    Jim Haney

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