Its that time of the year again.

If you happen to be in the Detroit area, the North American Model Engineering Show will be held April 22-23

This is a great show for beginners as well as seasoned Horologist. Many people with horological interest attend including display people as well as new and used tool venders. I have acquired many of my best watchmaking tools at this show in the many years I have attended.
It is one of the few places where one can become inspired by the high quality workmanship as well as be encouraged with machining tips from the makers.

Personally, over the years, I have suggested some procedures for both watches and clocks that are not commonly practiced in horological repair. I will be happy to demonstrate anything I have suggested providing I have the tooling with me or contact me off line and I will try to bring what is needed.
Just look me up or ask a show person to point me out.

Jerry Kieffer