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    Default Re: Italian Navy Lemania

    Think I got the date of manufacture down a member on the Omega forum there's a unique watch section there this is defiantly unique said it was made between 1953-1955 from the serial numbers then I saw a French navy Auricoste deck watch with same Lemania movement with decom papers on the net the French are good with paper with issued date 1954 on the paper work so made some time in the 1950's was hoping it was from the WW2 era.

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    Default Re: Italian Navy Lemania

    For a better ID if some one comes across one of these here is a close up shot of the military issue mark on the dial for the Italian Navy

    And I mounted it on a wooden plaque for hanging it on the wall came out nice. Not many deck watches you can do this to.
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    Default Re: Italian Navy Lemania

    I sent off a email to the NAWCC research with all the info I know I am stumped like when this movement was manufactured the jewel count the movement caliber if it was used for navigation or any thing more than I know. They do got a big selection of books were they just mite have something on this or another military watch collector they can contact who knows more info on it. We will see if there stumped to. I guess it cost a little money for the info will be worth it if they find more info I did not know about.

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    Default Re: Italian Navy Lemania

    Think I discovered the Lemania Caliber 1520 were they upgraded jewels and balance wheel and removed stuff it did not need as a Deck watch from a large stop watch that also told the time. Kind of like the US Navy did with a car clock and turned it into a Deck watch by upgrading it. It's just a guess. See link below I translated it.


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    Default Re: Italian Navy Lemania

    Going to be dropping this off for service this week since I got to pick up my Seikosha Japanese WW2 Navy ships clock. I will ask how many jewels this has. Does any one know were I can pick up rubber gasket material were you cut and make your own gaskets it's missing in the outer mounting case of the bezel ring. In the Navy we use to have rolls of it to make our own for equipment but this would have to be thinner. Would be easy to do if I could find the right size.

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    Default Re: Italian Navy Lemania

    Well I got to send it off for service my local watchmaker did not want to touch it said it was a clock he don't do clocks. It's about the size of a 18 size pocket watch movement maybe a touch bigger but not much to me it's a pocket watch movement in a over sized case I really like doing things local and not shipping stuff off. But the guy I am sending it off to service it did service a few of the French Navy version with the same movement I figure if I am going to run it every day I should have it checked out even if the movement looks clean could of been sitting a long time dried oil and all. Is running a little fast so if it checks out OK it needs adjusting. I got guts to pop the back cover some better shots of the movement.

    This surprised me a crystal cover over the movement probably for weather protection ? It looks like it was original part of the case.
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