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    Default Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock

    Hello. I have been viewing this site for quite some time to get tips and info and finally decided to join. I am a hobbyist and have been enjoying working on and collecting clocks for a number of years.

    I recently acquired an LFS wall clock from a flea market. It seems to be very nicely made movement. The only markings I can find read "LFS" and "56192" on the back of the movement and simply a "192" on the front. It also came with a note from a shop that worked on it back in 1997, which I found interesting. I believe it is Swiss or French, but I will have to check with Google Translate at a later time.

    I do know that it is supposed to chime every quarter hour. The note mentions "sonnerie," which I believe confirms that. It has two hammers on one side of the movement, which appear to shut off at a certain point, and four more on the other side which are driven by a linkage that engages the chime train second wheel. Unfortunately, at some point, the teeth of that wheel were worn down or sheared off, as well as the pins that would actuate the hammers. I don't know whether or not someone attempted to repair the movement without letting down the power from the springs or what, but the teeth on that wheel are in pretty bad shape. I attempted to attach some pictures. Being my first post, I hope I did it right! Since the teeth are worn, I have not wound the chime side in order to prevent any further damage. That's why I'm not sure exactly how it is supposed to chime.

    My question is whether or no anyone can share any information about this clock/movement; age, etc. Also, I have done searches for a similar movement for parts or simply the parts themselves, but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know of a place where I may be able to find a replacement for this wheel or perhaps get it repaired?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 6.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 5.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 4.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 7.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 8.JPG  

    Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 9.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 10.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 11.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 12.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 14.JPG  

    Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 15.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 16.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 17.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 18.JPG   Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 19.JPG  

    Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne 20.JPG  

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: Belexes)

    Hello and welcome!
    I think your inquiry will do better in the Clocks forum, so will move it there for you.

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: Dave Coatsworth)


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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: Belexes)

    Interestingly enough, if I would have tried Google Translate to begin with, I would have answered at least some of my questions! For those who may be interested, here is a translation of the letter from a watchmaker in Evilard Switzerland to a cabinet maker in Studen Switzerland. (The remark, "surrounded by black" refers to a magic marker ring he drew around the winding arbor hole on the dial to show which side to wind because of the damage to the wheel on the chime side. I'm not really sure what he means by "movement exhaust" or "Graham.")

    Rochat Michel (Blaser)
    Repairs watches and clocks
    3, Ch. Des Oeuches, tel. 22 41 81
    2533 Evilard
    Evilard, 25 August 1997

    Mr. Alain Steiner
    Ebenisterie of art
    3, Petinesca Street
    2557 Studen

    1 movement (only) of regulator "LFS" no. 56 192, 2 and 4 hammers, movement exhaust. Graham.
    Finding: Broken suspension for the pendulum. After a complete analysis, this old manufacturing movement has the following defects:
    The ringing wheel which carries the pins for the triggering of hours and shifts is completely damaged; The teeth were mowed and the pins removed; This wheel is practically irreplaceable.
    Rehabilitation of movement:
    1) Replaced suspension for pendulum
    2) Repeat adjustment, balance correction
    3) Removed the rake from the ringing mechanism

    Note: move only the barrel of the movement, hole in the dial to the right (surrounded by black)

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock

    Just a few remarks on your translation (you know the old saying: 'translator = traitor' and authomatic translators are particularlry treacherous)
    '...56 192, 3/4 (i.e. three out of four) quarter striking, two and four hammers, movement Graham escapement.'
    '...suspension broken by the pendulum...' '...the wheel of the striking train which carries the pins for the activation of the hours and quarters...'
    'Regulated again, correction to the pendulum.
    'Removed the rake from the striking mechanism'
    'NOTE: Wind only the going barrel...'

    After charging 60 francs, the clock was delivered to the owner again as a time-only, with the striking train disabled.


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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: ballistarius)

    The strike train would have activated on all quarter hours. For the 1/4, 2/4, and 3/4 it would strike bim-bam chords. One bim-bam at 1/4, two bim-bam at 2/4, three bim-bam at 3/4. At the top of the hour, the 'bim' is held off by the time train and the 'bam' strikes the number of hours. This was a fairly common arrangement throughout the early 20th century as many makers produced clocks with this strike setup. Gustav Becker, Kienzle, Mauthe, and on and on... it's a nice step between a half hour strike clock and a quarter chime melody clock.

    It is a pity that your clock suffered such a failure - the worst things can happen even to the best of clocks.
    "Experience, Education, & Enjoyment." - Justin A. Olson

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: chimeclockfan)

    Thanks for the further translation, Aitor. I assumed my translation may have been lacking, but that's what Google provided me with! And the letter simply confirmed what I had already diagnosed. It is running quite well as a "time only" clock in my bedroom. But now it is a challenge to get the wheel repaired or replaced!

    Also thanks to chimeclockfan for clarification of the striking sequence. I can see where it is out of adjustment, as the two-hammer "bim" side tries to shut off at the 3/4 point rather than at the top of the hour. There's no need to fix it now as the chime isn't working, but I'll now know about it if I'm ever able to find the correct replacement parts.

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: Belexes)

    Hi, perhaps my post reads a little 'dry'. I was in a hurry this morning and my boss was around me...
    Your translation has uncovered all the 'basic facts', but I've decided to write the post because of the Graham escapement, then I've continued correcting the translation details, and so on... (Thanks I'm not a teacher...)


    It's all an accident, an accident of hands. Mine, others, all without mind, from one extreme to another, but neither works nor will ever. Steiner

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: ballistarius)

    Thanks for all your help, Aitor!

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    Default Re: Lorenz Furtwängler & Söhne Wall Clock (By: Belexes)

    I found someone who, I think can make a new wheel for me. I found them at http://fendley-cox.com/. Is anyone familiar with them?

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