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    Default Re: New Haven strike (By: Tinker Dwight)

    Yes, I remember that type of stop now, RC. Never liked it much. However, the issue could still be that the count hook is bottoming out on the rim of the wheel and not allowing the stop lever to fall low enough. I like the "bouncing" test as an indicator that it is too low
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    Default Re: New Haven strike (By: shutterbug)

    The way to check it is to depower it first.
    Put the stop lever on the cam.
    Then rotate enough that you can see some
    clearance of the count levers end on the teeth,
    of the count wheel.
    Then the only other issue is if the J hook lift enough
    to get the lever out of the slot in the cam.
    There are just these two things to worry about,
    the lift and clearing the teeth on the count wheel.
    Tinker Dwight

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    Default Re: New Haven strike (By: Tinker Dwight)

    Hi all, wow! Thanks for all the info, took me a while to digest it all though it sure helps as to understanding the relationship between the count wheel/count wheel arm/locking lever/cam.

    RC & TD. I did tweak (bend) the drop lever a tad (see pics) though I still think I might need to dismantle the movement and re-time the strike and put a decent 90 deg bend on the lever. As it is, a 90 deg bend would not allow the drop lever to enter the cam slot in its present position, so maybe you were right TD and someone in the past has miss timed the strike and so tried to compensate. I took lots of pictures before disassembly and so it went back as it was before, didn’t have enough knowledge or experience at the time to realise there might be a problem.... do now though, well, almost.

    Quote RC... ‘The helper spring should have enough strength to return the count lever to the bottom of the slot while the movement is inverted.’ I did this and it passed with flying colours though I will replace that battered spring. Just have to find some brass wire.

    I have to say I like these American moments, great for learning on as you can see all that’s going on and so get a better idea of how each part interacts with its neighbor.



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