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    Default Once Again: How to Re-do movement lettering?

    I apologize if I missed an earlier Post that answered this question...I only found one, and it suggested a fine-tipped magic marker. Isn't there a better way? I enjoyed a very nice Swiss factory video recently, and the technique clearly shown to fill the movement's engraving (with red), was to run in a very watery-looking solution...the video did not show subsequent operations, but, I assume that the excess was ( very gently!) mechanically buffed away.

    So: how do the Restorers among us do this? As always: Thanks! Michael.

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    Default Re: Once Again: How to Re-do movement lettering? (By: Michael Maddan)

    I am sure you will get a varied response but I use artists acrylic paint (matt black) and a fine tip brush. I go over the lettering quite quickly, you don't have to be that carefull about excess paint, leave to air dry for a minute, then with a very lightly damp cotton cloth I wipe away the excess, you could use a dry cloth if you are worried about getting any moisture on the plate. I then leave a further 5 minutes for acrylic to harden a little more then gently buff with a clean soft cotton cloth. I know that others use similar technique but with enamel paint and spirit to clean off excess. I prefer acrylic because it is quick to dry and has little mess. I am sure that enamel will withstand subsequent cleaning far better than acrylic but if the paint does come away after an ultrasonic clean then it is simple enough to reapply. The final result is pleasing to the eye and the matt black reflects just enough light to match the original black used at manufacture.

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    Default Re: Once Again: How to Re-do movement lettering? (By: Mark UK)

    I think you are looking for engravers ink. Engravers today use markers to some extent but you can dilute a paint or pen ink to your preferred viscosity and then wipe in on. Then you wipe off the excess with a clean wipe.

    If you google "engraving ink" I'm sure you'll find loads of suggestions. Theres also the dial wax method with a dyed shellac that you melt in, scrape off and melt again to make it shiny.

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    Default Re: Once Again: How to Re-do movement lettering? (By: karlmansson)

    These are all good suggestions. I have had good luck with enamel paint and a fine brush, and denatured alcohol to remove the excess. It will survive the cleaning machine well afterward.

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    Default Re: Once Again: How to Re-do movement lettering? (By: Paul_S)

    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the Comments, and will run a few experiments over the next several days, & see what works for me.

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