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    Default Seth Thomas Course Clock

    Hello everybody,

    I hope to post in the right place.
    After cleaning and restarting my Seth Thomas Course Clock, I'm looking for the cams. I know it will be very hard (or impossible...) to find without buying a full set clock, but perhaps it is possible to make a 3D impression for example.

    So my question is : can someone who has one of these clocks with cams provide the measures to be able to redo them? Or just draw the contours on paper?

    More informations avout these clocks if it may interest someone.

    Thank you for your help!


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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Course Clock

    You mite ask at the MWR forum a military timepiece forum but there more into issued watches but a few like me collect any thing military timepiece related even clocks. Your best bet is to get a fixer upper one off ebay for the part but course clock don't show up often and the prices have seemed to went up on them lately. If you got a copy of Whitney book military timepieces there's a diagram of the parts of the course clock to give you a idea on what the part looks like.

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    Default Re: Seth Thomas Course Clock

    Thank you for your answer!
    I have already asked to MWR, but this is not a very common clock so no answer for the moment.

    Find a full set will be very hard, I hoped to be able to reproduce the cams while waiting to find the parts or a complete one.

    Some pictures of my clock :

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