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    Default Databases - what do you use

    In my non- watch life I'm an IT techie, so when I started to collect watches I built a little Access database to keep track on my watches. It led me to wonder What do you guys use to keep track of information on your watches ??

    I'd be happy to share this if anyone would want a copy - no charge :-)

    produces reports etc. as well as being a "card index"
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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: Britannicus)

    Hi Britannicus, I would love a copy, my system is not good. Regards Ray

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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: Omexa)

    Hi Britannicus, Thats a wonderful thing, would love a copy too. At the moment I just use a piece of paper with a few scribbled notes stuffed in the pouch with the watch, not very satisfactory. Will try and PM you my email so you could send as attachment or whatever.

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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: Omexa)

    I would love one too, though I use a chromebook, not windows, might not work.
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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: rolandantrobus)

    Hi rolandantrobus,

    If you haven't got the full MS Office suite you can still run an Access database using Access Runtime, (which is free), as long as you don't want to make any design changes to it.



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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: gmorse)

    Thanks gmorse, I didn't know about Access, my basic MS office suite 2007 doesn't support it so I'll get Access runtime.

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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: gmorse)

    I use OpenOffice - it is free, runs on Windows, Linux and some tablets - I have not checked about Chrome Books. It is a look alike to MS Office made by Mozilla - the folks who make FireFox and Thunderbird email. It includes a word processor similar to what is in Office, a look alike to Excel, a Presentation manager similar to PowerPoint, a Database, a Drawing program and a Formula processor.

    Most of the programs have SAVE AS options to save the output in many formats so that it can be opened and used in MS Office or Works, etc, as well so you can share with friends who do not have OpenOffice. It will also open most MS Office files if they are not too complicated. However, I have had issues trying to open the newer versions of Access databases correctly.

    Some of the printing selection and set up routines are not as easy or nice as you find in MS Office.

    None of it works exactly like the MS Office counterpart, but it is totally free. easy to use, has good help screens and does pretty much everything that is normally done in a home or small office environment without the extras that you now get from MS Office if you work it in their cloud version. And the output is directly transportable across most devices and operating systems.

    Free to download at www.openoffice.org
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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: THTanner)

    Looks good to me! I tried a couple of MS Access approaches (one of mine, and from from another), but now prefer the flexibility of an Excel 'flat file' approach - with one or two macros for hyperlink parsing. To each his/her own!
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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: THTanner)

    I don't have many watches right now. I was thinking about maybe building myself a template in MS Word 2010 that I have. It is kind of you to share your program with others for free.


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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: THTanner)

    I use OpenOffice on both Windows 10 and Debian. I have quite a sophisticated database for my watches which I continue to develop I am able to store text and photographs, with internal and external links. It is now ~200MB. I use the embedded database engine, so it is all completely free. I am pushing the software to the limit and I have to be very careful when editing the forms and backup frequently. In general use it is stable, unless I try and attempt to run the database alongside, 2 browsers, email while editing raw file in Lightroom! Windows has never been great managing memory! Here's a few screen shots. Sorry, it is not something I am able to share.

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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: Dave Chaplain)

    I rapidly grew frustrated with my Excel tool, as I couldn't really generate the same flex data and have the relational aspects of many pictures, one watch type stuff. As I've got a few queries, I'll smarten up my DB and create a run-time version and see what people think :-)

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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: Britannicus)

    I wonder what our friend Dave Coatsworth will use to catalogue all those watches he saved from the scrappers??


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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use

    FWIW - my Excel file uses hyperlinks, extensively, for Windows file system integration - for pictures, files and html links - in addition to the data captured in the Excel sheet(s) ...
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    Default Re: Databases - what do you use (By: Dave Chaplain)

    It looks very handy, Britannicus. If will run well on Windows 7 64-bit, deal me in, if possible. Thanks much.

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    Lightbulb Re: Databases - what do you use (By: MrRoundel)

    When my AWCo.org collections site crashed, I decided to take the opportunity to redo it as a modern responsive application that could be published on any hosting site and provide access from anywhere with a workstation or smart phone. I have it working pretty well for the viewing aspect and have the database set up for the model of the application.

    The basic concept is that a collection is a way to categorize a set of artifacts. A given artifact may belong to many collections, so selecting a collection gives a list of all the artifacts that are associated with that collection. Since some collections are more general types, like clocks, watches, chronometers, Swiss or English and some are more specific like Waltham Watch Co. I included the ability to use a collection as a filter when selecting a different collection. The result is the set of artifacts that belong to both collections. i.e. I can select English and chronometers and get all the English chronometers.

    When you select a collection, a list of the artifacts in that collection is displayed in the left column and clicking an item in the list will show the page about that artifact.

    To maintain the collection there are a set of editors that manage pictures or other media files and update the database as material is added and stories are edited.

    The collection editor is the top level view of a collection and provides for identification and a general story about why this particular collection.

    The artifact editor also is the basic story element for the collection and allows the item to be described and provides the focus for the assets associated with it. It provides a tool for uploading artifacts to the system and creating links for them in the database. It uses the standard HTML5 uploader.

    The asset editor allows you to store and manipulate images or other media and arrange them in the desired order on the artifact page. You can specify captions for each of the images at the thumbnail or enlarged view presentation.

    Currently I only run this application on my local Xampp server on my laptop. I have not done any of the session or security programming to allow it to be seen in public.

    Attached are some screen shots.
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Name:	AssetEditor.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CollectionViewArtifact.jpg 
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