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    Default Unusual jumping mechanism, Elgin(?)

    I bought this identified as an Elgin, but don't see much to support or dispute that. It appears to be a 16sz jumping mechanism, but not an incomplete movement, since there aren't nearly enough holes in the baseplate. There appear to be 4 jewels (though there may be a jeweled pin for 5, I haven't checked). The escapement appears to be all steel, both lever and wheel, and the teeth of the wheel are beveled in a way I can't photograph. The basic flow seems to be steel flywheel/attached f-shaped blue-steel piece rotates CW, provides impulse to a gear (one directional, the teeth are not symmetrical but more like a saw blade) at the top of the escape-wheel shaft.

    The f-shaped blue steel piece kinda looks like jumping-second mechanisms I've seen before, but other than that, I've got no ideas. There doesn't seem to be any way to input/extract power except the steel flywheel (2 o'clock, second image).
    Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Unusual jumping mechanism, Elgin(?) (By: amacks)

    The triangular hairspring stud is what Elgin used for 90 years, from the first keywind watches in 1867, all the way till about 1955. Hairspring overcoil shape would also be a good indicator.

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    Default Re: Unusual jumping mechanism, Elgin(?) (By: GeneJockey)

    You got an interesting piece there! The serial number font seems to be from Elgin as well. The undecorated balance cock would, to me, indicate a factory prototype as opposed to an individual experimenting with Elgin parts. I see the resemblance to a jump mechanism. I wasn't aware Elgin ever produced one. Perhaps this is as far as they got? Interesting find!-Cort

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    Default Re: Unusual jumping mechanism, Elgin(?) (By: 4thdimension)

    This is almost certainly an Elgin product. I think that all of the watch companies produced specialty items for the military during WW2. Here is another Elgin product - a platform escapement. It measures 0-size and appears to use a 16-size escapement. The number on the back - 31322 - is close enough to the 31595 on Aaron's piece that I wonder if this isn't a part number or contract number rather than a serial number.
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    Default Re: Unusual jumping mechanism, Elgin(?) (By: Jerry Treiman)

    That makes more sense as a contract # or something "military" than a serial #. As a straight SN, it would be way too early

    I would also agree with the comments that it might be some sort of prototype or sample, I don't have a good picture of it but the side of the non-balance cock is plated, but otherwise unfinished, there are still saw or casting marks on it


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