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    Default Re: Hamilton Railway Special 950B

    Quote Originally Posted by John Cote View Post

    Just out of curiosity...Robert or anybody...What do you think of the appropriateness of this bold Montgomery dial as a factory issued dial on this relatively low SN 950-B. Has anybody seen any evidence...boxed examples or factory evidence that Hamilton would have shipped this watch with a dial like this...without the "23 Jewels" marking? I love this dial style but I am just curious about it on the 950-B.

    A listing in a Hamilton catalog from c.July 1941 for the 950B states "...with heavy Arabic dial (shown) or choice of other railroad dials." The dial "shown" was the usual #535 Hamilton "23 Jewels Railway Special" dial, which was based on the #532 "Mainliner" dial used on the 23-jewel grade 950 Elinvar and marked only "HAMILTON". At least to the best of my knowledge and experience (almost 50 years), I am unaware of any Hamilton 16-size enamel dial other than the #535 marked both "Railway Special" and "23 Jewels".

    Soooo, if a purchaser wanted, say, a Montgomery-style dial on a 950B, especially back in those hectic times on the eve of WWII, I don't doubt for a second that Hamilton would have taken a nice, new #537 B.M. Numerical dial marked "Railway Special" already in stock and pictured in the same mid-1941 catalog on a 992B and installed it on that 950B,along with the appropriate hands. Note that the dial doesn't say anything about how many jewels the movement does have! A good watch doesn't have to brag or shout out anything about itself.

    As for the watch, I suspect that it was relieved to finally relieved to get rid of those "un-railroady" baton hands and those poor minute hour and seconds markers crammed between concentric circles, that some say look like railroad tracks. Obviously those people haven't looked carefully at real railroad tracks and are thinking of Lionel-type tinplate toy train tracks. That stuff might be okay on other watches, but in my not always humble opinion, just doesn't look appropriate on a railroad watch dial! <];>P

    Larry (a.k.a. "anybody") Treiman
    Last edited by Larry Treiman; 03-20-2017 at 06:20 PM. Reason: Eschewing obfuscation by correcting stuff!

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    Default Re: Hamilton Railway Special 950B (By: Larry Treiman)

    To put a visual to Larry's comments.. here are the pages from 1941 catalog have to do them as links...

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    Default Re: Hamilton Railway Special 950B (By: terry hall)

    John asked about what we thought about the dial ..................and Robert pictured a Boxed example of an exception.......... and Larry editorialized his usual opionions.....
    and Terry was nice enough to show what was available............sooooo....
    What we have is a bunch of opinions........... and without a box to prove it was what the customer wanted........................... we still have a bunch of opinions................

    No surprises......... this is what the MB is all about.
    Jim Haney

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    Default Re: Hamilton Railway Special 950B (By: Jim Haney)

    This is really interesting. Thank you Robert for posting the box picture. I guess that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the originally posted watch could have come from the factory as shown. That Bold Monty both as shown in the original post and in the 18s version are my favorite, what I will call...later Hamilton dials. I like the dial on the originally posted watch. Given that it is a family watch I am willing to think it could be original. Original or not, it is an exception...a beautiful exception.

    As Jim said..."No surprises.......this is what the MB is all about." Thanks Mgssrs for the original post and thanks boiz for all of the great info! Let's hear it for the National Association of WATCH and Clock collectors!
    John Cote
    Watch Collector (pocket & wrist), Clock Admirer, Time Nerd...

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    Default Re: Hamilton Railway Special 950B (By: John Cote)

    Harumph harumph... (remember blazing saddles)


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    Default Re: Hamilton Railway Special 950B (By: terry hall)

    Wow you guys are good digging up all that info. I really have no idea if the dial is original or not and I have no plans to sell it. But I do think it would be cool if it is different all the others but still original dial.

    Thank you all for your help.

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