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    Default **Help** shallow pendulum swing

    Hi and thank you for you help

    i have a 2 weight Austrian regulator clock movement. I have thoroughly cleaned it, confirmed the operation of the trains, meshing of the wheels. I measured the pallets, documented the placement and then rotated them as both ends where beveled and polished on each pallet but the active ends were worn. Installed new braided weight cords. After reassembly, I do my normal temporary mounting and test running. I started out with 1.25# weights as well polished pivots and cleaned and burnished bushings with a well meshing train will operate just fine on the light weight. I always start all my weighted viennas this way. This particular movement was very difficult to get into beat. Super temperamental. Couldn't keep it running even slightly out of beat. Once in beat, it will run with no issues for days... Here is the issue, the pendulum swing is very shallow. I measured it at the tip of the rating screw, it's only 3/8". On all of my other 1,2 & 3 weight regulators, the swing ranges around 1-1/4".
    I have repositioned the pallets to a jamb and to a free spin of the escapement wheel, moving the in and out at .003"-.005 at a time. I'm not kidding, I've adjusted the pallets over 100 times. I've rotated the crutch cam bushing raising and lowering the pallet fork. I've increased the weight from the 1.25# all the way up to some 4# weights. I'm at a total loss. It's runs perfectly and after many adjustments to the rating, it keeps time very well.
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this thing to swing properly. It was a non runner prior to working on it, so I really don't know if it was like this before.
    Thanks for an advice

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    Default Re: **Help** shallow pendulum swing (By: Barnacle_boy)

    Escapement trouble ... The escape wheel teeth have to always fall on the dead face of each pallet and about 1/4 mm from the ledge that is boundary to the impulse face. The amount that each tooth drops before striking the dead face has to be exactly the same on the intrance and exit pallets.
    First thing I would do is to put the pallets back in there original position. Often the ends look alike but are not.
    Good luck, Willie X

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    Default Re: **Help** shallow pendulum swing (By: Willie X)

    Pictures? Show pallets!
    Tinker Dwight

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    Default Re: **Help** shallow pendulum swing (By: Tinker Dwight)

    I am moving this thread to clock repair.
    Peter R Lee: AKA (Pee-Tah) from Australia

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