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    Default Items found in clocks

    I am not sure what forum this should go to, but, what strange objects have you found hidden in clocks?

    A 60 year old, home made, mantle clock came in for repair today. I do a quick inspection after they get dropped off and prepare a brief list for discussion with the owner for the next day.

    Inside today's clock I found these eye glasses tucked into a rather secret little compartment behind the 10 inch dial and above the movement. I called the owner who knew nothing about them and had never been to Malden, Mass. He had no idea the glasses were there or who they may belong to. A search for the optometrist by name gives no results. The ear hook, chain and nose piece that holds the glasses on is 14k gold and there is almost no prescription. The best I can tell is that they are late 1800 or early 1900 reading glasses, perhaps used by whoever used to own the clock before the current owner.
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    Default Re: Items found in clocks (By: THTanner)

    Interesting find, wonder the story behind that. I found a article online a few years ago about a man who left his will in his clock.
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    Default Re: Items found in clocks (By: Kevin W.)

    Well, hardly as novel as a pair of eyeglasses, but many years ago I started just buying clocks because I liked the way they looked and they seemed like a good deal but I hadn't a clue how to work on them so if they ran I kept them wound and if not they just started gathering dust. Well this Bracket clock has always run but the right winding hole (time side?) always had this loose piece of steel inside that would drop right in front of the key and I would have to kind of move it to the side to get it out of the key's way so I could wind it. Last year I began my journey to start educating myself on the mechanic's and maintenance of movements and when I took this movement out .........WALLAH, an identical key to the original that came with the clock fell out and the mystery of the closing hole was solved...Lol!
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    Default Re: Items found in clocks (By: hemioutlaw)

    Hi, All,

    I have posted this before, but I found a $20 Confederate bill between the backing and the mirror in an 1838 Chauncey and Noble Jerome round sided clock a few years ago. Apparently, someone was keeping an emergency fund hidden from Northern soldiers (or perhaps the husband or wife?) During the middle of the Civil War, $20 then was worth about $377.00 today. Quite a fund in that little clock!

    Best to all,

    George Nelson
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    Default Re: Items found in clocks (By: George Nelson)

    A few weeks ago, an older couple brought in a Simple Ingraham parlor clock for service that had been in the family since new. Once I had the movement out I noticed some paper up under the arch behind where the dial is attached. It was the complete history of the clock with family names, dates and places. I took a pic of it to show the owners (the paper was glued to the arch) and they were surprised as they didnt know the paper was in there. Thought that was pretty cool.

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