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Thread: Curioustoo

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    Default Curioustoo

    I have a Colonial Mfg. clock with the number 1215 stamped on the back. Can you tell me when the clock was manufactured?

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    Default Re: Curioustoo (By: Curioustoo)

    Can you post pictures of your clock, including the back of the movement? Doing so will help with identification and possible dating.

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    Default Re: Curioustoo (By: WRabbit)

    It was most likely made between 1910 and 1920 sometime.
    Others have catalogs but I don't recall many before around 1920.
    Colonial was not consistent with sequencing their model numbers.
    The particular model you have may have had several different
    movement and dial options. The model number you see was just
    for the case.
    You might try a search on the MB here with Colonial and 1215.
    Tinker Dwight

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