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    Default identify my clock please

    Hi all
    Im new to this forum and don'Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	336720t know if im posting in the correct place . I would appreciate any help or advise that may be offered.I have been left various old clocks by a relation and have become very interested in them .so have started a collection.The clock i wish to ask about has the Thomas Hallow stamp with the numbers 84922 stamped. it would be nice to date this clock ,also it keeps stopping i have identified that the gear that the pendulum drives ( i don't know what this is called) jams and stops the pendulum dead, this gear looks badly worn. i attach some pics of the clock. Tony

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    Default Re: identify my clock please (By: tonymedri)

    The logo is that of Thomas Haller (not Hallow). It was registered in 1892. From here, it gets interesting. Junghans and Thomas Haller joined together in 1900 to form the Vereinigte Uhrenfabriken Gebrüder Junghans und Thomas Haller A.G. Haller and Junghans had a falling out about 1902 and Haller ended his association. Haller subsequently formed another firm with his son, Thomas-Ernst Haller.

    The name Vereinigte Uhrenfabrik usw. remained around until sometime in 1911, when the firm became just Gebrüder Junghans. Although Haller had left the association in 1902, the trademark might (only might) have continued in use by the Vereinigte Uhrenfabrik usw. for some time after Haller ended his association with Junghans. Whether and how long would depend on finding clocks with this trademark that can be dated after 1900.

    For the moment, we could say that your clock may be dated from 1892 to ca. 1902.
    “If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.” - Oscar Wilde

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    Default Re: identify my clock please (By: Steven Thornberry)

    Thank you for your help one thing if any body can help .im unsure if the pendulum is the correct one, does any body know what length and weight it should be

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    Default Re: identify my clock please (By: Steven Thornberry)

    One other thing the clock ticks fine without the pendulum ,fit it and it slows and stops the harbour jams ?

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    Default Re: identify my clock please

    You should try setting the beat. A clock that runs
    without the pendulum is no indication that the it will
    run with a pendulum.
    Don't think of the pendulum as being too heavy, a
    properly running clock when in beat and not loosing
    too much power in the train will run with a pendulum
    several times the weight of the pendulum you'd have.
    The weight isn't too critical but the length is what
    sets the rate or time keeping.
    Check that the clock is in beat.
    Tinker Dwight

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