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    Default Re: What Type of glue to recover Cuckoo bellows? (By: THTanner)

    I don't see how the Tyvek patch could hurt anything, particularly if the only other option is replacement.
    1. Check out the Repair Hints & How-To's forum. You may find your answer there.

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    Default Re: What Type of glue to recover Cuckoo bellows? (By: bangster)

    I have found a retired teacher who taught my kids in high school near here who restores organs as a hobby. I have turned the project over to him to consider. If he won't do it then I should not consider it either.

    I did not realize that Fish Glue should be kept in the refrigerator except for small amounts to be used within a month or so. I had given up on it some time ago because a bottle never got used up before it went bad. Researching the options on this at least taught me that tidbit. I will go back to Fish for the cuckoo bellows - it works very well when fresh
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