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    Default 992 Model B case?

    So it is common knowledge I think that the Model B was a temporary solution to a shortage of Hamilton's regular cases. What I don't know, because I don't see all the posts on the board, is whether or not The Model B has been definitively identified. If so, and this post is redundant information please ignore.

    Below I've attached several pics, the gist of which is that a 992B which I saw recently is in the serial number range of the five box labels showing a Model B that I've documented, and so I'm wondering if this 992B is cased with what most would agree is a Model B case. The serial number of the caseback is also similar to the labels I've seen, though on those labels the S prefix was on the label but since I haven't seen a label and watch together I can't say for sure it was also on the caseback itself. Judging by the picture I've included I'm guessing it was not.

    Has anyone seen a matching label and cased 992B together that looks like this one? Does anyone think the picture below is not of a Model B?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails caseModelB_outerBoxLabelSmallest.jpg   movement1Smallest.jpg   front1Smallest.jpg   caseModelB_boxLabelC43603Smallest.jpg   casebackSigSmallest.jpg  

    ModelB_1942_ReferenceSmallest.jpg   ModelBsBoxedSmallest.jpg  

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    Default Re: 992 Model B case? (By: Tref)

    Thanks for the info on the "B" case and end labels. This case I believe, is the "B" case.

    It is the old Traffic Special Cases they used on the 974 in the late 20's and early 30's. I posted a 974 Traffic Special with factory Box end labels and it is identical to this case. They also are similar to the newer Model !6 cases.

    The "C" case are , I believe, what we call the Model 12 cases. They are exactly like the Newer Model 9 cases, I posted a recent Thread on ,however they are in base Metal,rather than Gold Filled.

    Terry Hall can comment on this because he keeps up with it better Than I do.

    Jim Haney

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    Default Re: 992 Model B case? (By: Jim Haney)

    In agreement on what we "think" the B case is, but a watch, label, and case have not appeared at the same time...

    I'm still 'out there' on the C case.... have a feeling is is GF, and looks like an elgin case... just a gut feeling.. not enough data on the C case 'yet'

    Jim's put up some interesting examples recently that helped define some previously discussed example cases that were previously 'unknown' as a complete 'set'.....
    Chapter 17 North Carolina
    Chapter 149 Early American Watch Club .. Home of Russ Snyder Illinois CD database and Henry Burgell Serial number Look-up ... excellent research resources!
    http://www.nawcc-ch149.com/ http://www.nawcc-ch149.com/pw_dbresearch.html
    Chapter 149 Mentor List http://www.nawcc-ch149.com/mentor.html

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