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    Default Precision clock timers

    I have recently acquired a number of 400 day clocks and I would like to know if it wound be worth investing in a Timetrax or a Mumford MicoSet clock timer. All so where to find info on their use,and which counter would be the best for working on these clocks. Most every one I talk to shy away from these clocks ,would appreciate your thoughts and info. G.Laster

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    Default Re: Precision clock timers (By: Gay Laster)

    I have moved this to the 400-Day clock forum.
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    Default Re: Precision clock timers (By: Steven Thornberry)

    I've wondered about the Timetrax or similar device. I have seen the need for them when the number of beats in an hour is something like 16000. But when one can easily time a 400-day clock for one to two minutes and count the beats with reasonable accuracy, those other devices don't seem worth it. Nominally, a 400-day clock beats 8 times per minute. Pretty easy to just time that with a watch or your smartphone.

    BTW...there are apps out there that can possibly do this on smartphones. I tried one but it required that I buy the pro version in order to really make use of it. I was too cheap to try it!


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    Default Re: Precision clock timers (By: KurtinSA)

    I occasionally use my very old Timetrax 160 as a beat amplifier on a 400 day clock but I always use the stopwatch app on my smartphone to regulate it.

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    Default Re: Precision clock timers (By: KurtinSA)

    Take the time to get one set right.
    This is just letting it run for a few hour, then days and then weeks
    as you refine the rate.
    Once you've done that you can use that clock as a reference.
    Start them at the same point of the swing. You can quite quickly see if
    one is running faster than the other.
    The advantage of this is that they will both be in the same thermal
    environment. This is something the your timing instrument can't compensate for.
    If you are in a rush, either timer will work reasonably well.
    Tinker Dwight

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    Default Re: Precision clock timers (By: Gay Laster)

    One oddball advantage of using a timer, besides the timing, is that it is possible to monitor a clock without necessarily going to the shop. I use a few Microsets with serial to WiFi adapters and I can check on the timing of various clocks using my laptop, iPad, or smartphone from anywhere, although most frequently used while sitting in my easy chair watching TV. One of the Microsets also has a temperature monitor, so I can readily see what effect changes in shop temperature have on the timing. I use mine mostly for Atmos clocks, but the idea is the same. A WiFi video camera also works for a general health check, and has the advantage of actually showing the clock(s) at work.

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    Default Re: Precision clock timers (By: new_hampster)

    I believe the best use of the Microset and/or other timers is setting the timing at other than your work shop. Like a customer having a timing issue with their cuckoo clock, or something like that. At the shop, I use the old trial and error approach.
    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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