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    Default Seeking German or Austrian Uhrmacher with initials VZ circa 1700

    The newest old clock now in the house is a zappler (fast moving pendulum) with a painted iron dial and small brass movement. The rear plate of the movement is engraved with the year 1704 and the initials V Z, presumably the maker.

    Can anyone suggest a clockmaker (uhrmacher) in Germany or Austria from that period?

    In the photos you’ll see the movement mounted into a handmade carved stand. The seller thought the stand only dated to about 1900 and I can find no reason to differ. On the back of the steel face plate (dial pan?) is a U-shaped bracket that I expect was used to mount the clock on a rod held to a weighted block or wall bracket. The dial is 11.5 cm/4.5” in diameter.

    An interesting feature is that the mainspring is wound directly from the front at the hand arbor (also the mainspring winding arbor). One can remove the hand easily as it is held by friction. The collet or hub that carries the hand is a friction slip piece that allows an easy reset after winding. First time I’ve seen this approach.

    This seems to me a ‘happy’ clock because as soon as I took it out of the shipping box and removed the plastic sheet between the pendulum and the dial it began to run. The beat wasn’t perfect but it ran for 26 hrs after putting a spacer under one foot of the stand to improve the beat.

    Any help in determining a maker would be much appreciated.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1704 zap in stand2.jpg   1704 zappler - wks rr.png   1704 zap wks - upr RH.jpg   1704 zap wks LH .jpg   1704 zap rr plate.jpg  

    1704 zappler metal cover.png  
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