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    Default Re: Study-4-in-5-oklahoma-city-students-cant-read-clocks/ (By: MartyR)

    Quote Originally Posted by MartyR View Post
    And quite right too, Nick, but when all those analogue displays have converted to digital, you will have one less topic to distract you from teaching them science
    Oh I don't teach, I'm retired and have a job as a physics lab tech. The curriculum has only just changed and with the changes came a new requirement to use analogue as well as digital.
    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: Study-4-in-5-oklahoma-city-students-cant-read-clocks/ (By: novicetimekeeper)

    Quote Originally Posted by novicetimekeeper View Post
    We still have a requirement to be able to use analogue instruments in science curriculum at school. I give them analogue meters every so often to work with.
    If you have a unstable read out it is easier to see the mid point of a needle swinging than numbers flashing up on a digital meter

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    Default Re: Study-4-in-5-oklahoma-city-students-cant-read-clocks/ (By: Les harland)

    I quite agree, and it is great for demonstration. If you want to show induction principles. We still use reflecting galvanometers too.
    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: Study-4-in-5-oklahoma-city-students-cant-read-clocks/ (By: MartyR)

    I worked at a community college campus that changed out all the analog clocks and replaced them with digital because there were complaints from the students that they could not tell the time.


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    Default Re: Study-4-in-5-oklahoma-city-students-cant-read-clocks/ (By: Rockin Ronnie)

    Ron, if it was a master clock system, the digital clocks were about 3 times the price of analog.
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