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    Default Shipping clocks - insurance?

    I regularly buy clocks at auction from the UK, USA and Europe, and generally have no problems with shipping - I am usually buying carriage clocks. These are relatively easy to ship, and I have specific instructions for shippers that can help prevent damage.

    Unfortunately, recently I received a clock from the UK which had been damaged in transit - it must have had quite a sharp, hard knock - the dial was smashed, and the balance broken, even though the packaging looked OK.

    I had taken out insurance, so put in a claim, but have just found that it was knocked back. It turns out that in the small print, the company I used to ship - parcel2go, have a list of excluded items as long as your arm - including clocks and watches (you will get no compensation at all if these are damaged).

    Their list of excluded items goes on to include antiques and just about any item you would want to ship, and then finally the catch-all "fragile items (all)". The full list can be found here
    https://www.parcel2go.com/prohibited-items - you have to scroll a few pages down to get to the no-compensation items...

    So, firstly my advice is that if you are shipping clocks or watches, do not pay for insurance through parcel2go as you are wasting your money.

    Secondly, having learned that lesson, can anyone recommend a courier with a good insurance policy, or a separate insurance policy that does cover shipping for clocks


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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: zedric)

    I've never had a problem using the post office for making a damage claim.
    harold bain, Member ch 33
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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: harold bain)

    usps damaged a clock i sold on ebay... eventually paid me in full.

    take lots of photos of the packing process, provide an appraisal if possible (or current comparables... i was able to show several clocks recently sold for way more than my transaction.

    also... anyone else find it odd that this company took your money for insuring an item they don't insure? reminds me of many years ago when someone called to sell me a subscription to the new york times. i signed up and started getting invoices... but never got a paper. long story short, finally connected with someone who said "oh, i found the problem... we don't deliver in your zip code". uh huh. i replied that they had managed to invoice me in my zip code and took my issue to the v.p. of circulation... and good my paper service started up properly.

    oh... and even though it bumps the package size and price, i've taken to triple-boxing when shipping... they would have to run over it with a fork lift to hurt it, but i still breathe a sigh of relief when they arrive safely.

    sorry for your loss....
    i collect antique clocks because i get all that extra time...

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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: bruce linde)

    My process for packing carriage clocks is to first wrap the clock all over with sandwich wrap / cling film, which stops the glass from being able to move and protects from packing material getting into the clock. Then a good layer of bubble wrap, then that goes in a box, and a second box and packing beads goes over that. It must have been quite a hard knock to break the porcelain (that's china porcelain, not enamel) dial and side panel, and to damage the balance.

    The thing that annoys me the most is that I have shipped quite a number of clocks through this company, and so they must have taken the money for insurance each time despite the fact that they don't cover clocks in their policy. Given the list of exclusions they have, which reads like a shopping list of claims they have had in the past (they specifically exclude vehicle doors of all things!) then I suspect that a lot of people pay them for "insurance" that is worthless.

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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: zedric)

    I've used mailboxes to ship from auctions in the UK and paid insurance. Given the company asked me if I wanted insurance after quoting to ship the items using the auction catalogues as reference I'd be surprised if the items were excluded. (and pretty certain I would have a comeback on the company for misselling)
    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: novicetimekeeper)

    I have filed 2 claims with USPS and have been happy with their service. Both were filed online, paid in full within a couple weeks, and I got to keep the broken clocks to use for parts or whatever. Take plenty of pictures when you get a shipment. I always take pics of all sides of the box before opening with my phone, the packing after opening, and the wrapping around the clock if there is any. I have also filed claims from FedEx and UPS but they had much more processes to go through and both picked up the clock and sent it back to the seller.


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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: PaPa_Clock)

    Zedric, I don't know where your located. If your in the United States I would contact your State Attorney General, and your State Insurance Commissioner and report them for fraud. I doubt that it's legal for them to sell you an insurance policy for items they don't insure. I'm not a Lawyer, but I doubt that a Homeowners Insurance Co. could sell you an Auto Policy if they don't insure auto's. I don't see a difference. Just another Corporation bilking the consumer. Maybe a Class Action Lawsuit is in the air. I'm sure your not the only victim of their DECEIT!!

    Good Luck & Godspeed
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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance? (By: BLKBEARD)

    Hi BlkBeard

    Thanks - unfortunately I am in Australia and the company is based in the UK. I agree that what they are doing in "upselling" something that is of no use is unethical, but I am sure that somewhere in the process they make reference to their exclusions, so they may be covered from a legal basis. I guess it always pays to read the small print, no matter how many pages you have to scroll through.


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    Default Re: Shipping clocks - insurance?

    Sorry for your loss....
    I've had the misfortune of needing to file two separate claims with UPS. They honored both. As mentioned several times before, photos must be taken and packing material saved. I filed both claims onlilne and compensation was paid within a few weeks. They publish packing guidelines which I use as a baseline to exceed: https://www.ups.com/content/us/en/re...es/how_to.html I think that's the reference they use in determining whether or not to honor a claim.
    Thanks for the heads up on Parcel2go. I'll be certain to never use them in the future.

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