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    Default Database corruption

    After adding a reply to this post


    it is not possible to open the thread. Please investigate the possibility that the entry has been corrupted.


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    Default Re: Database corruption (By: John Matthews)

    I can open it with no problems, seeing your reply.

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    Registered User gmorse's Avatar
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    Default Re: Database corruption

    Hi John,

    I agree, there is something odd happening, I just tried to post a reply to a thread by Dave Coatsworth and got a "database error".

    [Edit] However, this post is fine!



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    Default Re: Database corruption

    It appears that if a user opened a reply-to box on a thread immediately after the MB came back online (an hour ago), but before the MB server had completely loaded the back up database, that a glitch was created in the DB (but only for THAT user and THAT thread).

    Other users can still see and interact with that thread. Just not those who tried to respond to it during the reboot process.

    This may clear itself up, or those corrupted session settings may live on in the database until the next time the db gets recompiled.

    The corrupted entry in the DB is the "autosave" string. That's what is causing these errors.
    Markus Harris
    Communications Director (NAWCC)

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    Administrator Bill Stuntz's Avatar
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    Default Re: Database corruption (By: gmorse)

    The database is currently repairing itself after the 30+ hour outage. I got the same message when I tried to post a reply in another thread.
    With a little luck, things will be back to normal soon.
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    Default Re: Database corruption (By: Markus Harris)

    Many thanks for the replies - if it will require a db compile to fix, what is the compile cycle. overnight, weekly?


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    Default Re: Database corruption (By: John Matthews)

    It is only necessary to rebuild the database after a crash when there was activity on the database when the hardware failed. The recovery will typically take about half an hour but this one seems to have run a bit longer.
    Tom McIntyre Click me.
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