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    Default Movement identification

    I'm trying to identify this private label movement. I was thinking maybe it was Agassiz just because of the regulator but I don't really know. I read in another thread that there is usually a trademark on the dial plate but the only thing there besides the serial number is a 3. There could be something under a bridge but I haven't gotten that far. Name on the dial and movement is Hennegen Bates & Co., Baltimore. It's 37.85mm by my calipers. Serial number 99955. Looks like 17jewel. The fork has long sweeping arms. The dial snaps on by means of a metal ring around it. I had the hands off before I took the pics but they don't match although one of them could be correct. I have to find a case. Anyway, any help is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Movement identification

    I'd say it was a fifteen jewelled watch. It looks like it was polished engraved and stamped in America like all the so called swiss fakes are. Other than that It looks more like a Rolex than a Waltham. If indeed it is Agassiz then it looks more like a Longines than a Waltham.

    It is a lovely watch. Wish I had it.

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: roughbarked)

    With some looking it appears it could be a Longines. Either way it's a pretty movement. The setting doesn't seem to be working at the moment but I'll have to play with it to figure out why.

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    Default Re: Movement identification

    It is a very nice high-grade movement. I don't recall seeing that plate layout before. I like the possible Longines idea, but yours seems to have better nickel plating than I usually see on Longines. The plate finish more resembles Agassiz, IMO. And, while the plate layout looks different to me, and I don't know of Le Coultre making such a design, the setting mechanism very much resembles that of a small Le Coultre I have. See image for comparison. The treatment at both ends of the barrel arbor is also similar, but that may be a common way to have gone about it. Again, it is a nice private-label movement. Good luck finding exact attribution. Those Swiss ones can be tough.
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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: MrRoundel)

    It is agassiz

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Mindless)

    Hi, I have a couple of Agassiz and they both have the Trademark on the Pillar plate under the Dial. Regards Ray Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1884_Mar_Agassiz_LR.jpg 
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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Mindless)

    agassiz indeed

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: tomczc)

    Agassiz never used this anchor design/shape with these long arms. Neither with the old movement types (first series), nor from the LeCoultre (2nd period) productions or Touchon (3rd period).
    Guess Audemars Fréres comes closer. I´m missing also the Agassiz hallmark on the dial side.
    That it has a Wilmot regulator ("Archimedes snail") doesn´t mean automatically that it´s a Longines nor from Agassiz. But indeed, its finish shows a higher quality level and the decoration for the americain market. 16 jewels.

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Nachtmotte)

    Cool. Thank you. Another place to look. I have a case located so I'll be servicing the movement soon and will see if there's anything under the bridges.

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Nachtmotte)

    Hi Antonios,

    The serial number is in the range of early Agassiz before they used the movement from JL or touchon. I have a very similar one marked Agassiz and the serial number is 10xxxx. Notice that the hairspring is only fixed by one screw which is the feature of movements from Agassiz between 8xxxx to 12xxxxx.

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