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    Default Movement identification

    I'm trying to identify this private label movement. I was thinking maybe it was Agassiz just because of the regulator but I don't really know. I read in another thread that there is usually a trademark on the dial plate but the only thing there besides the serial number is a 3. There could be something under a bridge but I haven't gotten that far. Name on the dial and movement is Hennegen Bates & Co., Baltimore. It's 37.85mm by my calipers. Serial number 99955. Looks like 17jewel. The fork has long sweeping arms. The dial snaps on by means of a metal ring around it. I had the hands off before I took the pics but they don't match although one of them could be correct. I have to find a case. Anyway, any help is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Movement identification

    I'd say it was a fifteen jewelled watch. It looks like it was polished engraved and stamped in America like all the so called swiss fakes are. Other than that It looks more like a Rolex than a Waltham. If indeed it is Agassiz then it looks more like a Longines than a Waltham.

    It is a lovely watch. Wish I had it.

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: roughbarked)

    With some looking it appears it could be a Longines. Either way it's a pretty movement. The setting doesn't seem to be working at the moment but I'll have to play with it to figure out why.

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    Default Re: Movement identification

    It is a very nice high-grade movement. I don't recall seeing that plate layout before. I like the possible Longines idea, but yours seems to have better nickel plating than I usually see on Longines. The plate finish more resembles Agassiz, IMO. And, while the plate layout looks different to me, and I don't know of Le Coultre making such a design, the setting mechanism very much resembles that of a small Le Coultre I have. See image for comparison. The treatment at both ends of the barrel arbor is also similar, but that may be a common way to have gone about it. Again, it is a nice private-label movement. Good luck finding exact attribution. Those Swiss ones can be tough.
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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: MrRoundel)

    It is agassiz

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Mindless)

    Hi, I have a couple of Agassiz and they both have the Trademark on the Pillar plate under the Dial. Regards Ray Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Mindless)

    agassiz indeed

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: tomczc)

    Agassiz never used this anchor design/shape with these long arms. Neither with the old movement types (first series), nor from the LeCoultre (2nd period) productions or Touchon (3rd period).
    Guess Audemars Fréres comes closer. I´m missing also the Agassiz hallmark on the dial side.
    That it has a Wilmot regulator ("Archimedes snail") doesn´t mean automatically that it´s a Longines nor from Agassiz. But indeed, its finish shows a higher quality level and the decoration for the americain market. 16 jewels.

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    Default Re: Movement identification (By: Nachtmotte)

    Cool. Thank you. Another place to look. I have a case located so I'll be servicing the movement soon and will see if there's anything under the bridges.

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