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    Default Old book, free to good home

    I have an old Australian book on electric clocks. I just don't have any place for it on my shelf. It's too worn to sell, so it's a dilemma. If anyone is interested, it's free to the first responder. Just PM me with your mailing address.
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    Default Re: Old book, free to good home (By: mxfrank)

    Gone! That was quick...

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    Default Re: Old book, free to good home (By: mxfrank)

    Only one book and thousands who would cherish it.

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    Default Re: Old book, free to good home

    True enough. Since there's no copyright, I've uploaded a public copy for all to enjoy. It's a big download, be patient:


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    Default Re: Old book, free to good home (By: mxfrank)

    Thank you for the download zip file..Just out of interest I can say that this is the same book that was reprinted in 1994 by Tee publishing and can still be purchased. It was first published in 1931 with author's name Kinostan. It dos not appear to have an ISBN number.

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