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    Default Re: New member-new clock (By: Tinker Dwight)

    Hi Tinker, I just saw the scratch marks around the pivot points and I thought that the scratches could have been avoided while cleaning. I do not know what the cost of cleaning was and, as you said, no idea of what recently means. Mind you, the clock seems like it is working fine, so I'm not complaining.

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    Default Re: New member-new clock

    Quote Originally Posted by MCmalta View Post
    I managed to take the mechanism out and had a look on the back. It seems like there are no serial numbers. My friend told me that it was serviced not long ago but I'm not impressed with the service, it looks scruffy cleaning. Well, I guess as long as it is working right, it's all go.
    MC, since there is no serial number or Müller lion logo stamp (logo of Uhrenfabrik Mühlheim Müller & Co - UMMC) on the movement back plate my judgement is your clock was made no earlier than 1932. This was about the time they stopped using serial numbers for their clocks although that date is still under study. The dial, pendulum, and weights are of a style that was popular all the way from pre-WWI through the 1920s so looking just at those would have caused me to estimate an age of mid to late 1920s based on those parts and the simple case design. However, the lack of the logo and serial number on the movement show it was not made until the later date. The movement itself is also somewhat different from the earlier 3-train movements made by UMMC I have documented that do have logos and serial numbers; it may be it was actually made by another maker and used by UMMC for their sales.

    I have moved the posts about your Elliott Ships Clock to a new thread so we can keep better track of both makers. Just click on the link here and it will take you to the new thread.
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    Default Re: New member-new clock (By: John Hubby)

    Hi John, I thank you for all the help. I'm happy with either dates, as I mentioned before, I'm not an expert, I just love clock so
    I am very happy with what I got. It's more of a sentimental value also.

    Thanks for moving my other post to the right place, I wouldn't have a clue how to do that.
    Regards MC.

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