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    Default Good reason to keep dead quartz movements

    Well, you might call me a hoarder, but I don't toss old black box battery movements. Sometimes I clean out the battery acid and get them running to reuse. Other times, I find a good use for some of the parts.

    Yesterday, the hoard came in real handy. I have an electric clock in for repair with an Ingraham model 17 movement. If you've worked on one, you know there is a cardboard gear, not a bakelite gear in there. This gear was completely bad, so the clock didn't run. I popped open a couple junk black boxes and lo and behold, there was a perfect size plastic gear in there! A little epoxy and now it works again!

    One man's trash is truly another man's treasure.

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    Default Re: Good reason to keep dead quartz movements (By: Chris)

    Good to know, Chris! I had, before now, trashed my inoperative battery movements. Thanks for the tip!!!


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    Default Re: Good reason to keep dead quartz movements (By: George Nelson)

    Not just quartz watch and clock movements but any bit of what is otherwise trash may be utilised to repair things. You get an eye for what trash is useful after a while. You also get a sense of overkill of trash collecting or your wife tells you.

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