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    Default Thomas Phippard, Poole, Mid 18thC Centre seconds 8 day

    Sadly the case is about 60 years later, but the clock is interesting and made 6 miles down the road.

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    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: Thomas Phippard, Poole, Mid 18thC Centre seconds 8 day (By: novicetimekeeper)

    Not been a great week for originality round here. Decided to start work on the centre seconds, I don't intend to have it restored just yet, just clean up the dial and get it all working. It is going to be in somebody else's house as I have no room for it and they would like it to tick and strike.

    Looking at it closely now I can see this dial and movement do not belong together, so if Thos Phippard was responsible for the dial he did not make the movement. I have never seen a centre seconds in the flesh before so that was interesting, I had not really thought about the escape wheel being in the centre to achieve it.

    The movement has some nice detailing suggesting quality and was originally 5 pillar but the fifth has been robbed out. It also appears to have mismatched great wheels, or at least greatwheel spools.

    The date ring is by the same engraver as the chapter ring but the wheel to drive it is missing.

    You can see the dial plate seems to have been modified to accept the chapter ring though it is a good fit for the spandrels.

    The seconds hand is missing, presumably this is attached to a pipe that pushes on the end of the escapewheel arbour, however once you have done that how do you secure the minute hand which currently is held on by a pin.

    What is the function of those dogs on the hour tube? I thought initially it was a pin but the centre hole is clear so preumably they were there when it had a centre seconds hand.
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    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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