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Thread: My new toy

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    Default My new toy

    Hi all, just aquired this little gem, runs well though the strike is way off though thanks to Shutterbug and WillyX setting the strike its not a problem for me any more

    The head piece is missing (is that the correct term?) and I'm not sure if the pendulum is original? Looks like I'll be doing a lot of searching very soon. One thing I'm curios about is the label...'Salem Strike' anyone care to explain? Stranlgly enough, I was the only bidder, £20.00. Or $24.85. I wonder if the 'Salem' bit put the others off?
    Witches don't bother me....I married oneCheers Hogs.

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    Default Re: My new toy (By: Hogshair)

    Is it not an Ansonia Salem 8 day striking clock?

    I think the Salem is the model and the strike and 8 day part of the description.
    Nick, lots to learn, late starter.

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    Default Re: My new toy (By: novicetimekeeper)

    You are right, Nick, that's exactly what it is.


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    Default Re: My new toy (By: Hogshair)

    Very pretty clock! At first glance, I wasn't aware that there was supposed to be a top piece with this model. It looks great without it...

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    Default Re: My new toy (By: Hogshair)

    Here is a similar Salem with crown and details. Almost the same and shown as c1900 37.5 cm tall at peak

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    Default Re: My new toy (By: THTanner)

    Greetings, Everyone!

    One other comment, here: You asked about the pendulum. It could be original, but notice that there are two ways to adjust the timekeeping- the through-the-dial adjustment with the back of the key and also the thumbwheel on the pendulum itself. If original, the key adjustment might be for rough or ballpark adjustment, and the thumbwheel for fine tuning (or, perhaps, the other way around), but employing both methods seems a bit redundant to me. I guess the only way to know for sure is to see a catalog illustration or hear from someone who has the same clock to see what pendulum is in use with theirs. Any way you look at it, you have a very nice clock.


    George Nelson

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    Default Re: My new toy (By: George Nelson)

    I am fairly sure the pendulum is a modern replacement. The adjustment through the dial was intended for fine-tuning the timekeeping once you had got it almost right.


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    Default Re: My new toy (By: JTD)

    Thanks, JTD. So your feelings are that the clock originally included a fixed-weight pendulum bob?


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    Default Re: My new toy (By: George Nelson)

    Not necessarily. It probably had a rating nut at the bottom on a screw thread, enabling the bob to be raised and lowered. Same principle as the one you have, just not a modern replacement.


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