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    Default Bulle - have you every replaced your fork?

    I'm having some trouble replacing the fork on this shaft. I can press the fork on, but the interference fit isn't very tight. It doesn't take much wiggling of the fork for it to fall off.

    I think the problem is the 'shelf' that the fork sits upon (red arrow) has taken on a profile similar to the light blue side view. If the profile was more like the yellow slide view, the fork would have a better matting surface to conduct its interference fit.

    Seems like I'm going to either have to machine the shaft a bit to make the interference surface square and true. Or, if I wanted to be a bit hacky, a dab of super glue could be a solution too, but I'm not too keen on this approach.

    I'm left wondering if the fork replacement procedure does normally involve a bit of clean-up machining or was I just unfortunate to have a shaft that has had its fork replace too many times leading to the shaft wear.

    Thanks for any comments,


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