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    Default Pam clock glass?

    Hello all,
    Mostly work on antique wall, mantel, and Grandfather clocks. Friend brought me a round Pam light up clock with outside glass missing. Ordered the bubble glass through timesavers. With hands set as low to dial as possible and barely missing each other. Tip of Second hand still rubs the inside of domed outer glass, and makes that wet finger going around the edge of a glass sound Question is: Was there some sort of spacer used between advertising flat glass, and outer domed glass that would have held it out slightly farther?

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    Default Re: Pam clock glass? (By: john48)

    I would shape the hands to miss the glass. If necessary the second hand could be shortened. I often do this with slave clocks, putting a bend a few inches from the end of the hands, to ensure it clears the lens.
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    Default Re: Pam clock glass? (By: harold bain)

    The original glass had a different profile.... flatter and then curved sharper as it gets neared the edge, if that makes sense.....effectively deeper and clears the end of the hands.


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    Default Re: Pam clock glass? (By: john48)

    Thanks guys for your reply! Hate to shorten the sec hand, in fear of it looking funny. Right now I have it the same length as min. hand. Would really like to bend end of sec. hand down . But it is very close to min. hand. Don't think I want hour hand rubbing flat glass😕 A slight spacer seems possibly the answer? But would need to stick to glass. Ralph, have you delt with this in the past?

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    Default Re: Pam clock glass? (By: john48)

    Maybe looking at similar clocks on ebay or the like will give you a OEM glass profile to compare to your Timesavers glass profile.
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    Default Re: Pam clock glass? (By: BLKBEARD)

    As has been stated, the timesavers glass isn't the correct profile. It's spherical but you need the special profile used by Telechron and Pam. Return the timesavers glass and start looking on Ebay. I would not modify the clock or hands to use the wrong glass.

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