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Thread: ansonia

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    Default ansonia

    can anyone tell me what the 4 1/2 ,or 5 or 5 1/2 relates to on the back bottom right of a Ansonia movement

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    Default Re: ansonia

    I believe that the figures refer to the length of the pendulum in inches.

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    Default Re: ansonia (By: stewey)

    It's always a guess how they calculated those numbers. Some are from the suspension point to the middle bob. Others to the bottom of the bob. Some measured the length of the pendulum only.
    A man with a clock always knows the time. A man with two clocks is never sure.

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    Default Re: ansonia (By: shutterbug)

    that's what I though got a lot of Ansonia clocks and all the pendulum's mixed up oh well where's the tape measure

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    Default Re: ansonia (By: zzippy)

    Those numbers are different enough that you could just put them
    on the movements and run them for an hour.
    It would be clear which were right and which were wrong.
    Any particular manufacture usually measures the same for all of their
    clocks. I'd say you can just line them up shortest to longest
    and try them out.
    Tinker Dwight

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    Default Re: ansonia (By: zzippy)


    With Ansonia, I would try something which some have called "drop" and that is defined to be the distance from the hand arbor to the rating nut of the pendulum.


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    Default Re: ansonia (By: zzippy)

    By way of confirmation, I just measured my Ansonia Parlour clock, stamped 8 3/4. It is in fact 8 3/4 inches from hand arbour to bottom of the rating nut.

    I finally understand the numbering system!


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    Default Re: ansonia (By: Walesey)

    Thanks Walesey - I have written your pendulum information in my notebook - really useful.

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