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    Smile Constructing or reprogramming: Alternative "Minute"


    I'm new to the nuances of clock and watch construction, so please forgive me, but I am curious if it is possible to construct a clock or reprogram/alternate an existing clock to make the "minute" time a different amount of time, i.e. 58 seconds or 45 seconds instead of 60 seconds. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm working for an artist who is hoping to make (or for someone else to make) a clock or watch where the minute is a different amount of time than 60 seconds. Is this even possible?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Constructing or reprogramming: Alternative "Minute" (By: timequestioner)

    Use a longer or shorter pendulum.

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    Default Re: Constructing or reprogramming: Alternative "Minute" (By: John MacArthur)

    Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for the response! If it's not a pendulum clock, and it's either a mechanical or quartz, do you think changing the gears, like constructing new gears with different amounts of teeth to change the rotation would work? Or for the quartz, changing the circuit?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Default Re: Constructing or reprogramming: Alternative "Minute" (By: timequestioner)

    A different crystal will change the rate. The problem is to find one that
    is in the KHz range needed. Most crystals are flat MHz ones.
    The clock one is a split tuning fork one intended for 32KHz.
    A possible way to deal with it if you know how to program, something
    like an arduino could replace the crystal as a frequency reference.
    Do note the diference in voltages.
    Tinker Dwight

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    Default Re: Constructing or reprogramming: Alternative "Minute" (By: timequestioner)

    I recently acquired a "quartz" clock which keeps the rate of the Martin Sol,or day,at a rate of 24 hours,39 minutes and 35.2 seconds per day. I opted for a model which will keep this rate to 15 seconds per year.This requires that a conventional quartz clock,driven with a Lavet stepper motor" be modified. A gentlemen out in Santa Clara,Ca. who's name is Nick Sayer of Geppetto Electronics makes these type clocks and boards that can alter conventionally similar clocks by home enthusiasts. The clock boards or modified clocks "alter the timing pulse" that moves the second hand in various ways (depending on the firmware as he offers many different models)while still maintaining the long term average rate of one pulse per second of the clock. You can Google Search his web site which contains much more information including a video of the process to modify your own movement. I'm only posting this as a possible better answer to your question and not a solicitation for his products.

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    Default Re: Constructing or reprogramming: Alternative "Minute" (By: burt)

    For any sort of mechanical clock, whether driven by a spring or quartz crystal, it would be quite easy to design a wheel train with a different tooth count to register a shorter or longer revolution of the "minute" hand, as long as the hand rides on an arbor that's driven by a gear combination. Designing it would be simple, but making one would, of course, be more of a challenge if you don't have the equipment to cut wheels. From a design perspective, let's assume the hand rides on an arbor with a wheel that has sixty teeth, driven by another wheel that has ten teeth. Those gears would have to be set to mesh, or "depth", properly. If the driving wheel is changed to have eleven teeth, with the tooth spacing the same as it had been with ten teeth, then after resetting the depthing the clock would run 9% faster if the driving wheel spins at the same speed.

    Does that make sense?


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