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    Default Electronic circuit for Gents Chronopher III

    Evening folks,

    Does anyone have a copy of the electronic circuit for a Gents Chronopher II master clock please?
    It's the control board I'm after, but both boards would be useful.

    Many thanks if someone can help.

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    Default Re: Electronic circuit for Gents Chronopher III (By: dennishoy)

    A while ago I've purchased a Gent's Chronopher III model XC 408 here in the Netherlands, I do not know how this clock got here but it might have been imported here (one of the few)
    The masterclock including the 2 slave clock have been working fine for about 1 year.
    It took quite a few days to have the slaves synchronised with the masterclock and to have the system running well. It eventually lost time: clock took around 70 minutes to complete a real minute so the system was running way too slow.

    But again after a few days fiddling around, the system started working fine till a few weeks ago when one of the slave was half an hour behind: adjusted the slave manually but shortly afterwards the clock kept behind as well.
    Powering OFF/ON, switching advance/normal, disconnecting batteries etc.etc. did not make any difference.

    Looking on the internet there is very little information about these clocks, let alone the manual.
    I was able to find some info about an auction 3 years ago offering a lot containing complete manual and wiring diagram of this type of clock. But the auction ended a year before I got my clock.

    Did you, in teh mean time, manage to get some more information e.g. wiring diagram/service manual?


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