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    Question Bailey banks and biddle watch???

    So I have a Strange Little Old Watch I guess it is I Picked up that well Looks Kinda like a Watch/ Pocket watch, I do not have much Knowledge in these Things, Just Learning..

    The Dial or Face of the Watch appears to Be Ceramic or Something, It says Across the Face/Dial Bailey Banks & Biddle Co. and under that it says PHILADELPHIA. THERE is NO Writing on Outside of Case and It is also a 2 Piece Case Back? so Inside the Back Case it says it's STERLING SILVER.

    IT'S Like a cross between a Watch/Pocket Watch Just Kinda Odd Looking..

    So Inside the Outer Back Shell it says { 0.935 } and Also Says Sterling Silver in A Different Spot, Also of Course #'s {91268 } Which is also Inside the Inner Side of the Main Case, No Big Deal, Also Has What Appears to be A Symbol of a LION?? Even With My Magnifier It's a Strain to see, but it seems to be A Animal ( Lion ) ?? States it Is SWISS in Several Spots inside and Also Appears to be a Possible Additional Symbol I Can't Quite Make Out.. Possibly Another Animal but could be something Different, I cant Quite make it out..

    it States 15 Jewels/ 3 Adjusted Which seemed weird ti me but i Don't know much.. also there are of course other #'s in there..

    The PART that I am TRULY Confused By is Even Though On the FACE/Dial it says Bailey Banks & Biddle.

    Inside The Back in 2 Different Spots iut STATES : BRACK WATCH CO.?? NOT BANKS AND BIDDLE WHICH Totally Confuses my LIMITED Knowledge.

    So Is this a Bailey Banks or Did Someone Switch out the Guts and Put in a Whole Different Movement Just leaving the Bailey Banks Dial??

    I have a Couple Pictures and Can Take More , My Pictures are not the best Quality but Maybe Good Enough to Get Some Much Needed Input...

    My Limited Knowledge does not Know but I Think I Got the Shaft lol

    Please Give all the Input you Can and Please feel free to ask for additional Info or Pictures.. Thank you...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails BAILEY WATCH1.jpg   BAILEY WATCH2.jpg   BAILEY WATCH4.jpg   BAILEY WATCH5.jpg   BAILEY WATCH7.jpg  

    BAILEY WATCH9.jpg  

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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch??? (By: MRUNIQUE)

    Bailey, Banks & Biddle was a very fine jeweler in Philadelphia. Over the many years they were in business they ordered watches to be made for them to sell in their store. At various times these were made for them by different companies — sometimes Swiss companies and sometimes American companies. Either way, they would usually have their name put on the dial (or face), and sometimes on the movement (the mechanism inside) as well. So, Bailey, Banks & Biddle did not make the watches — they just sold them. Brack Watch Co. may have been the company that put the watch together for BB&B. I don't think anyone has switched anything.

    The watch that you show was designed to be worn on the wrist, with some sort of strap or bracelet attached to the two loops. It was almost certainly a ladies’ watch. The “0.935” in the case is another way to indicate sterling silver.
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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch??? (By: Jerry Treiman)

    Your watch is a wristwatch, if moved to the correct forum they can likely assist further in identifying the ebauche and approximate vintage - good luck.

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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch??? (By: Bryan Eyring)

    Moving to the Wrist Watch forum.

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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch??? (By: Dave Coatsworth)

    Hmmmm Not Really Very Helpful, Where Could I Go To Get More Useful Information on This Watch, The History or Something?

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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch???

    Quote Originally Posted by MRUNIQUE View Post
    Hmmmm Not Really Very Helpful, Where Could I Go To Get More Useful Information on This Watch, The History or Something?
    "Not Really Very Helpful" Hmmm....Really? Jerry Treiman's comments indicated that Biddle purchased movements & cases from various sources & had dials made with their name on them so that the watch could be sold in their store as one of their products. Jerry certainly pointed you in the right direction unless of course you were simply hoping for the members here to do all the research work for you but in that case we would need much better quality photos to clearly see the things you are talking about.
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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch??? (By: MRUNIQUE)

    The case is not Sterling silver
    Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and will have a British Hallmark on it
    Yours is 93.5% silver and has a Swiss Hallmark
    The "lion" is actually a bear and was used from 1882 to 1934 to denote silver 87.5% and above

    See the Online Encyclpedia of Silver Marks Hallmarks and Makers Marks


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    Default Re: Bailey banks and biddle watch??? (By: Les harland)

    It may not be too much of a stretch then to think that the watch case made have been made by Paul Brack (or one of his sons) of Villeret, Switzerland. Brack was apparently the original owner of Lavina Watch Company established in 1852.

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