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    Default Re: Gillett & Johnston Master Not Running (By: Benet)

    I mounted the clock to a solid masonry wall over the weekend, adjusted the gap between the contacts, checked for 6V and tweaked the jewel arm.

    It still doesn't run though. Does anyone have any other ideas? Shall I post another slo-mo video?

    Thanks again

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    Default Re: Gillett & Johnston Master Not Running (By: Benet)

    Without videos we can't see what adjustments you have made but the gravity arm should reset just a tad before it reaches the end of the slope on the gathering arm.

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    Default Re: Gillett & Johnston Master Not Running (By: Snapper)

    The G&J is a fine clock and will run reliably and (relatively) quietly when set up right. The critical things are similar to all clocks:

    The countwheel must be as near friction free as possible; clean and very sparingly oil its pivots and associated holes. Teeth must be clean and dry - no oil. Other pivots are less critical, but still need to be clean and lubricated.

    The impulse pallet/slope and roller must be clean and dry - no oil. The roller axle should be sparingly oiled.

    The crutch piece movement should be free and the pivot clean and lightly oiled.

    The gathering jewel should engage the countwheel just sufficiently to 'gather' a tooth cleanly, but not so deeply engaged to drag and give recoil.

    Overall, the system has a fine balance in having sufficient energy to run reliably with a steady quite narrow arc, so keeping that friction and energy loss minimised is critical. Oil used should be very light horological type and very sparingly applied - forces are very light - there are no 8 day spring reserves here!

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    Default Re: Gillett & Johnston Master Not Running (By: Benet)

    Hello again my helpful experts. The clock has now been running for eight hours. We've had one false dawn before, but I'd like to thank everyone for their help. I'm sure it's not the end of my journey...

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