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    Default A forum is grayed out

    I was in the process of posting a few questions and all of a sudden the Tips/repairs etc forum was grayed out. Did I do something wrong Why can I no longer post to this forum.

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    Default Re: A forum is grayed out (By: phylrick)

    If the forum you're mentioning is this one: Repair Hints, How-to's, Supplies and Services, it's not open for posting. It's intended as a bunch of tutorials & how-to's. Posting questions there defeats its purpose. Since the posts are ordered by date, Bangster spent a long time juggling them to place them in some sort of reasonable order. New posts would screw that up.
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    Default Re: A forum is grayed out (By: Bill Stuntz)

    Oh....I apologize. Didn't know that and it is totally reasonable. Thanks Rick

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