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    Default Ungerer turret clock

    Good afternoon,

    I recently found a small turret clock, I think was made by the Ungerer company in Straßbourg. The clock does not seem to have a striking train, but there are several wheels and devices on the clock that don't make sense to me.
    There is a fly on a arbor that is driven directly by the escape wheel arbor. Also there is a snail on the same arbor as the escape wheel. First I thought this would be some sort of striking device, but as it turns with the same speed as the escape wheel it does not make much sense.
    On the left side of the train is an arbor with a wheel that is not connected to anything.
    I hope the pictures clarify things a bit.
    Does anyone know how this is supposed to work?

    With kind regards,


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Ungerer turret clock (By: Boveri)

    Beautiful! This is a very interesting piece. Looking forward to see what comes of this.

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    Default Re: Ungerer turret clock (By: scootermcrad)

    Thank you,

    In the meanwhile I found out that the fly driven by the escape wheel arbor is to dampen the action of the escape wheel. I've never seen this before, but apparently there are several known turret clocks with the same arrangement.
    Remains the unknown function of the snail on the escape wheel arbor.
    It can be clearly seen in the pictures. I can see that the small roller has been running along the snail, by the tell tale wear. Funny this is that the bar in front of the escape wheel will only allow the clock to run when the roller is swung away from the snail. If it runs along the snail, the clock will stop.
    Please look at the second picture, which shows the arrangement.

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: Ungerer turret clock (By: Boveri)


    I am a collector of German / European Tower Clocks and normally Ungerer clocks like this use a remontoire and the fly you spoke of is to slow down the reset of the remontoire after its release from the pallet.
    The remontoire runs the escape wheel and the main weight resets the remontoire and turns the lead off work.
    If you need more help with understanding this please let me know.



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