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    Default Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ?

    saw some were that I cam get a recertification on my chronometer watches from the 60's 70's
    80's and 90's is this true?

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    Default Re: Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ? (By: surfing35)

    Do you want a certificate from the manufacture of the watch.

    If you are talking about pocket watches they didn't come with a certificate when made or sold, example would be Hamilton Model 23, 2974B, 4992B, 3992B, etc.

    Some Rolex and Omega had a certificate when new in the box.
    Jim Haney

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    Default Re: Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ? (By: surfing35)

    Yes they would be omega

    - - - Updated - - -

    All 3 no box or papers

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    Default Re: Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ? (By: surfing35)

    If this is of any help, COSC will replace a damaged certificate if it is returned to them. If lost, they will reissue a duplicate certificate only once and the certificate number is required. Keep in mind, however, they only retain their test records for 10 years. So if a COSC certificate is lost more than once, or the certificate number is not known, or the watch was certified more than 10 years ago; the only avenue available for a certificate is to return the watch to the Manufacture for them to submit the piece to COSC for re-testing. This cannot be done privately, only through the brand, and I've never heard of anyone doing it.
    Tick Talk

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    Default Re: Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ? (By: surfing35)

    I was hopefully going to send to the company if that would do any thing

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    Default Re: Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ? (By: surfing35)

    Re-read the helpful post from Tick Talk.

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    Default Re: Can I get them recertified CHRONOMETER ? (By: doug sinclair)

    I just spent some time on the COSC web site.


    It is not all that clear but my reading if the site is that you can return your watch to the maker for recertification at COSC. This Is what Tick Talk wrote.

    It will be expensive if they will do it at all.

    At one time the NAWCC was offering a certification but I am sure it is now longer available.

    My view is that this is just not worth doing.

    The COSC cert is very limited and has very little to do with the performance of an automatic wrist watch.

    1) Watches are tested without the autowind modules so their rates are based on 24 hours between windings. If your watch is an automatic it is fully wound all the time you wear it
    2) They allow 24 hours between all changes in temperature and position so the watch can be very unstable when moved around and still score well in COSC testing.

    You can buy a basic timing machine and test your watch in positions or have your local watch maker runs some tests for a lot less and get the same information.

    When I set up a pocket watch, I test in 6 or more positions, fully wound and 24 hours run down, and average the rates.
    Osterhausen wrote an excellent book in which he overhauled and tested a lot of chronometer watches and described his methods


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