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Thread: Membership

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    A couple questions.
    The $80.00 member fee, is that a life time or is that yearly?
    The library, how do you access it after becoming a member?
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    Default Re: Membership (By: ncollar)

    The membership is annual. There is an additional $10 if you want hard copy publications. You can order books on-line from the library if you are a member and will only pay postage for the loan period. You also have on-site access to the library, museum and archive at no additional fee. That includes access to the science museum consortium with a large number of additional technical museums.

    You also have on-line access to portions of the archives that have been digitized and all back issues of the Watch & Clock Bulletin with an index search capability. The museum artifact information and images are available to all users whether or not members through our public education outreach.

    Members are also provided access to local chapter meetings and National and regional meeting mart rooms (at an additional fee). The public has free access to lectures and exhibits at the regional meetings and the National meeting.

    The Ward Francillon Time Symposium is an annual event that is open to the public as well as members with payment of the registration fee.

    If you browse the main web site at NAWCC.org you will be able to find much more information including the current schedule of future events.
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    Default Re: Membership (By: Tom McIntyre)

    Thank you Tom, Happy Holidays

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