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    Default Re: High End Watch Sales are Falling Rapidly

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hess View Post
    gjh, Roundel, karmanson, terrific points and well put.

    Fantastic thread here. There are so very many subplots to this story though.

    cel phones "clocks", fashion, misguided marketing by the Swiss (and the inherent, in spite of millions of dollars of research, non-understanding of the American market), tone deaf Swiss approach to repairs (the idea is pretty much that.. a) Americans cannot repair watches or b) the centralized approach to keep the revenue themselves), and a move towards "Throw-away" luxury product spending (computers, tvs etc) all are in play here.

    There is, as I noted before, a theory that the Smart Watch phenom has helped the future of luxury watches since millenials have moved from not wearing anything on their wrist....preferring "Giant Pockect watches" (i.e. "cell phone") to a "Wrist watch" (Apple or Android) and will, (some say) naturally lead to wearing of more traditional time pieces on their wrist.

    What do you think? Jeffrey. P Hess
    Interesting Jeff...
    As I see more Millennials getting into the workforce and looking for upward mobility, they realize that the "Old Guy"
    boss of his/hers is wearing a nice timepiece. In many cases they want to emulate this and go with a mechanical watch.
    It is also easier to casually glance at the wrist in a meeting vs. pulling out the smart phone and being more obvious.
    Dad also wore a watch and they realize that maybe they should "Act Grownup." Kids also like to do things that are considered "Old-School" these days too.
    Anyway, when I want to know the time, I can get that from a million places... I can look at that vintage mechanical beauty on my wrist a dozen times a day and could care less what time it is.
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    Default Re: High End Watch Sales are Falling Rapidly (By: Dick C)

    Perhaps I'm old fashioned. I still use a Sanyo solar powered calculator from the 1980's. I wear a Casio watch that I can depend on for the right time, as I wouldn't be much of a clock repairman if I couldn't leave my customers with their clock on time. I don"t worry about taking it off for a swim or a shower. It survives my active lifestyle much better than a delicate high end clock would. And I can replace it for under $100 when it finally stops working to my satisfaction.
    harold bain, Member ch 33
    "If it won't "tick",
    let me "tock" to it"

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    Default Re: High End Watch Sales are Falling Rapidly (By: harold bain)

    When I was an apprentice my master used one of these to set all the watches by. http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?9...y-pocket-watch
    Since then I have obtained another and now I use two of them to set all the watches by.

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    Default Re: High End Watch Sales are Falling Rapidly (By: roughbarked)

    It's like the stock market, they go up, and they go down. I see the rare watches still commanding high prices like that Rolex that sold this week for over $5Mill.

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