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    Default Making Handmade Horological Screws

    Hi guys,

    I thought I would share my experience in making small handmade screws. The screw is made from water hardening silver steel (drill rod) has a M1.0 thread, Ø2mm head and a total length 3mm.

    I struggled capturing the blueing process this time as my head would get in the way of the camera as I was trying to see what I was actually doing, or I had my blueing pan off camera or out of focus.

    Anyways hopefully this is useful to someone

    Have a great day.

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    Default Re: Making Handmade Horological Screws (By: ddkhalaji)

    Very well done. Thank you.

    Robert Gary "Learn something. Skill does not desert the life of a person ever." Dionysius Cato (ca. 230-150 BC)

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