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Thread: On looking back

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    Default On looking back

    It’s Thursday, November 17, 2016 and my knees are killing me. It ain’t no fun living all the years I have with bum knees that will not cooperate going up the stairs or having to use a walker to do any sort of locomotion outside of getting out of bed. In one way, I should be happy at least I wake up and get out of bed…sooner or later in the morning hours. I am among the living and for that I am grateful,…just imagine soon in 25 days I will be 101 years old…how many people [men or women] do you know who have reached that apex in life?

    I’ll be holding - my going into my 102nd birthday, in the 2nd century of my life…15 people, a little family, and mostly friends will help me celebrate the day…by joining me for an early evening meal at my favorite restaurant.

    Do you know for every 5-6 women who are centenarians, there is only one man? So for some reason women are favored to live longer than the men. Many of the feminine species by far outlive their husbands. I have outlived two wives; the first marriage was not kosher [illegal] the pretty woman [whom or who] I married was not still free from divorcing her first husband. Sorry, I cannot use the correct tense describing my first marriage…”like whom or who.”

    Anyway, I just came off describing a part of my life in the NAWCC…I see 1375 hits and 68 names under my seventeen pages describing my more than half of a lifetime in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. Maybe 30 hits in total are mine…you see I like to see who reads the dribble close to my heart. I do feel a little justified by seeing all those names under the words describing a fraction of my years in the NAWCC.

    I do think, even going into my 102nd year of life soon…that I have contributed a little to our world in which every human resides. Even to having President Ronald Reagan, sign into law an idea that came from my uneducated brain was an accomplishment that I think my immigrant parents would be proud of…if they were alive today. I’m not too happy that though I never even was the recipient of even a grade school diploma. However, the world is full of men and women who achieved far more than possible with a limited education.
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    Default Re: On looking back (By: dweiss17)

    Hearty congratulations. May you enjoy the next decade more than you have the last.

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    Default Re: On looking back (By: dweiss17)

    HI Dan,

    I guess what your are saying is that all those chicken comb injections didn't help as you had hoped? Or is it a case of it takes time for them to kick in.

    All the best

    David S

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