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    Default Movado "MCS" stamp on cases, Does it bother you?

    When the Movado company store sold high end mechanical watches I purchased a number of them. Of course at huge savings. I do not intend to ever sell them. Given that, would the MCS stamp on the case bother you? I kind of feel guilty or poor like It reminds me it was not purchased at retail. I know that is just in my mind but I was wondering if others feel the same way or I am just crazy? I know they do this so people cannot return them at retail stores but to me it detracts from them. Otherwise I scored some serious watches for nothing. I guess I can't complain as it is par for the course. It kind of feels like I own a fake or something to me. I don't know if I am very weird or if others would feel the same way. We tend to be different than most people. At least about our hobby. Of course I own even much higher end watches purchased at retail if it is any consolation to me. Thanks

    I do not mean to be a new serial thread starter but there was no thread on the Movado company store to add to.

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    Default Re: Movado "MCS" stamp on cases, Does it bother you? (By: Fusee power)

    Seems to me as though this doesn't really belong in the Chronometer forum. More likely the Wrist Watch forum?

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    Default Re: Movado "MCS" stamp on cases, Does it bother you? (By: doug sinclair)

    Sorry again. I really do not know the workings of this board. I put it here because they are all "officially certified Chronometers" So I thought this is where it would go. My apologies.

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