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    Default The seasons and fate

    The four seasons…fate and its consequences.

    The trees leaves along Krewstown Road are changing from green to yellow, to bright orange, to a mixture of the palette in colors that are a joy to behold. The magnificence of the colors are beyond describable. Were not my knees in such poor shape, I would take a two-day drive through upper Pennsylvania as far as the Delaware Water Gap and take in nature’s changing of the seasons. Even today it is quite warm enough to just wear a light jacket and shirt…I would spend a day or two on the back roads, sleep in a strange bed, see people I never saw before, and eat in places I had no idea they even existed. And, just take in all the beauty of nature…even at my advanced age of nearly in my second birthday into the second century of a very long life…and the consequences of the past 52 years when my employer’s brother showed me the picture of a home-made bracket clock in a woodworkers magazine and writing the story to come. This story will encompass so many things that just happened because of a twist of fate. I hope the story to follow in the near future will do justice even to a mind going onto his 102 year of life.


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    Default Re: The seasons and fate (By: dweiss17)

    Dan my Bride and I love the out doors and spend as much time as we can during the spring, summer and fall in our motorhome. Unfortunately it means I don't get to work on clocks during the "outdoor" season.

    We have a number of bird feeders at our site and enjoy the various species that show up. However when the Juncos show up, we know it is over. They only come in early spring and show up half way through October. They are ground feeders and they remind me of batman. And then the leaves start changing. Unfortunately we have to get out at the end of October or we would still be out enjoying all the colours that you mention.

    All the best,

    David S

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