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    Default Tool and Tool Parts Wanted

    Post your request for tools and tool parts here. Please post a follow-up, or notify me by Private Message, when your request has been satisfied so I can remove your request. Please conduct any transactions by Private Message.

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    Default Re: Tool and Tool Parts Wanted (By: Dave Coatsworth)

    There are some parts I have been looking for for decades to complete my lathe sets (Lorch, Schmidt & Co. and Wolf, Jahn & Co.):

    - A 90° steady for D-bed lathes (I only ever saw one on ebay and didn't get it):

    - A collet-holding screw-tailstock for WW-lathes

    - A rotating head-stock for WW-lathes

    - A set of or individual wheel-chucks for a WW-lathe:

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    Default Emco Compact 5 Drive motor and switch (By: Dave Coatsworth)

    The control switch and starter capacitor for my Emco Compact 5 lathe have finally died (34 years old and lots of use). The drive motor is probably OK but all this is 240V 50 cycle as I bought the lathe while living outside the US. Would like to replace these three elements with 120 V 60 cycle parts, looking for any availability at reasonable price.

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    Default Re: Emco Compact 5 Drive motor and switch (By: John Hubby)

    John, Check on ebay for emco compact 5, there are a couple of motors with the switch listed, if I remember they are about $150.00 or so. Other wise you could check at a motor shop for a capacitor and switch.

    Good luck, Curly

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    Default Re: Emco Compact 5 Drive motor and switch (By: curly)

    Grainger supply may have your capacitor, or eve a local Air conditioner supply.

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    Default Looking for a Jig Bore (By: Dave Coatsworth)

    I'm looking for a Jig Bore. I prefer a Hauser M1, 2A3, or 2BA. I'm open to other models if comparable.


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    Default K&D Inverto 17 Anvil Plate wanted (By: MNowlin)

    I'm looking for the anvil plate ONLY for a K&D Inverto 17 staking tool. The anvil plate I currently have my Inverto 17 seems not to be original, because there are holes spread over the plate, that some of the holes don't line up to the arm and there is no hole large enough to accept a stake in the inverted position. I am not too fussy on condition of the plate so long as it is serviceable.
    - Robert

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    Default Re: K&D Inverto 17 Anvil Plate wanted (By: robmack)

    You might contact Larry and see if he has bits and pieces that aren't on his site.


    David S

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    Default Webster Escape Wheel Tooth Straightener (By: David S)

    Hello All,

    I recently read about the Webster Escape Wheel Tooth Straightener and it looks like a good tool to add to my shop. I'm at the point now where I have most of the necessary tools and am slowly accumulating the less often used ones. I couldn't find any dealers selling this tool, so I assume I will need to find a used one. I'm watching eBay, but wanted to post here in case anyone has or knows of one that is available.

    When I measure clocks I am restoring, I find that the BPH reading on my Microset varies considerably tooth to tooth (using the acoustic sensor). I am assuming that is due to the variation in escape wheel teeth and am hoping if I get the teeth more uniform this will minimize the variation. (I am aware of the averaging feature on the Microset, that is not the issue).

    Thank you,

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