I started a project writing about my 51-52 years on 9/10/16...today, while publishing one page every few days...10 pages have been published to date...Now I have 5 more pages to publish and then one page of pictures of the French Fountain Clock...the most beautiful of clocks I have ever had the opportunity to lay my eyes upon.

This clock took over 12 years to complete and restore to its original condition and look. It only took a miracle to find the little clock with a platform escapement. But miracles do happen.

To my best guesstimate it would have been conceived sometime around 1860, by some French
clock maker, whom in my personal opinion, painted a masterpiece with a number of metals and
glass spirals to simulate the flow of water as they turned and added a clock to tell the time of day.

When the pictures are finally published...I like to think what I posted here has not been
exaggerated, and that many readers of this post and the story detailing my 51-52 years as a
member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors will at best, agree.